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Online Tools comprises how to guides, tips, and tutorials regarding internet resources.

Email Bombing Details and Ways to Fix it

Email Bombing Email bombing is a nasty act when a recipient too many emails are sent to a single email id within a short span. The major reason for using email bomb is to cramp the target user’s inbox generally sent from a single system. At times, due to this, the mail server stops responding.

How to Create Box Notes, Edit, and Save

Create Box Notes, Edit and Save pic 1 Procedures to Create Box Notes, Edit, and Save with Steps. – Are you looking for a guide helping you to take note on Box Notes? Then you are at the right location as you will find the ways to create, edit, and perform various functions regarding the note taking here. Box Notes is a note

How to Fix Lost Sign Out Button in Gmail

Sign out button of Gmail How to Fix Lost Sign Out Button in Gmail – While working on a public computer, you always take the precautions for the safeguard of your data and practice to sign out of all the accounts that you have accessed before departing from the computer table. But sometimes when you attempt to exit from your […]

How to Avoid Open or Public WiFi Security Risks

beware of Public WiFi Security Risks How to Avoid Open or Public WiFi Security Risks – In recent times, free WiFi is comfortably approachable in even miniature public places. It is good for the avid users, but there are certain precautions that require keeping in mind before connecting to public WiFi hotspot otherwise you may risk giving out too much information. Hence, […]

How to Connect Dropbox to Word Online to Edit Docs

Add dropbox account button When you need to edit your Word document hosted on Dropbox you have to download the document and if it is necessary you upload edited document again. To avoid the lengthy process, you can connect you Dropbox to Word Online and Edit your Documents in Word. So We are describing here the tips to edit Word […]

How to Transfer Various Cloud Store Data Using MultCloud

select google drive in multcloud dashboard MultCloud is a unique cloud store management tool offers to transfer data from one cloud store to other, sync the cloud drives you use, upload, download data. For instance, you have stored your data in more than one cloud store like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box or more, then MultCloud offers you transfer the data […]

How To get Update of ICC Cricket World Cup Matches Quickly and Easily

Here you find two tips using which you can get Update of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Matches Quickly and Easily in Google on PC and Android phones. ICC World Cup Cricket Tournament 2015 has charmed the cricket lovers and they have clinged to TV Sets all day long. But some users can’t watch live matches […]

Ultimate Tips to Create Strong and Secure Passwords

Ultimate Tips to Create Strong and Secure Passwords When you start generating strong password you often find yourselves in irksome situation. The whole process consumes more time than you think and even don’t feel yourselves confident at last. Your mind often recalls whether this password is enough strong. You might be aware of the fact that security, privacy and protection are great issues of this period and keeping something hidden is a […]

Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs

interface flash and furious The tattoos are the trendsetter of this modern age. Getting the correct tattoo is the most difficult thing that all of us faces. And especially if you are new to the world of tattoos, you are definitely going to be confused. The tattoo that we get it done on our body parts should resemble our […]

Top 5 Twitter Header / Cover Creating Sites

Top 5 Twitter Header / Cover Creating Sites Your Twitter Profile Page exhibits your personality to the Internet world which definitely makes you upload the best pictures. Just like the rival networking site Facebook had come up with their cover page, so Twitter had discovered the Twitter header image for its account holders. The only difference occurs is the dimension which is 520 […]
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