How To Upgrade Windows 8 To Windows 8 Pro

windows 8 properties Windows 8 has been launched in four editions so far by Microsoft- Windows Pro ( 32 bit and 64 bit) Windows 8 Enterprise ( 32 bit and 64 bit) Windows 8 RT ( 90 days trail) First three editions were purposed for Personal Computer and laptops While Windows 8 RT edition only for Tablet PC. In order to

How to configure Email Signature in Windows Mail App 8

windows 8 mail app Sometimes you get new incoming email from anyone with email signature. So you may want to add Email Signature in your outgoing email. Now this feature can be used through windows 8 Mail app into metro screen. but, what is benefit of Email Signature ? Actually Email Signature shows your personality. Email signature is used

Site Error Breakdown in Google Webmaster, How it will affect SEO

 Google has announced to add new feature in webmaster so that server error (DNS, Server Connectivity and and robot.txt) error would be categorized. Since server error comprises of different types of error concerned to server and it affects site health in different ways. Now it will be specialized by Google, and as result it can be traced […]

What is YouTube 8, Download in Windows 8 and Enjoy Video

windows 8 youtube metro app - 1 As you know YouTube is the most favorite video sharing website at present. The Popularity of YouTube is increasing rapidly also. For the convenience of YouTube users Now YouTube apps is developed which is compatible with windows 8 metro screen. Once you install it on your windows 8 computer, YouTube Videos will be displayed

How To Enable Touch Screen Feature in Office 2013

word 2013 touch button How To Enable Touch Screen Feature in Office 2013 – Now, it is the time of touch input devices (Tablet PC). So Microsoft has added touch screen feature in MS Office 2013 edition. When you are running MS word 2013 with Tablet PC, you can enable touch input feature. I am going to present related

How setup Email Account in iPad / Configure

mail How to get started with Mail in an iPad – Email Account is a fundamental need of Internet user. A system seems trifles without an Email Account, Whether it is worth Rs. 1 Lac. After purchasing a System and accessing Internet, the very first thing you think is to set up an  Email Account. If […]

How to customize the Homescreen of an iPad

 After Staring with an iPad the next task is to customize its Home screen. Some steps are to be followed for customization of Home screen. How to use apps The apps can be launched by a single click on an iPad high-resolution multi-touch Screen. The apps can be switched, organized into folders and can be rearranged according to […]

How to Jailbreak an iPad iOS 5.11 using Absinthe 2.0

 Jailbreaking an iOS device such as an iPad is required to run all the apps. But it is not supported by Apple Operating System. Here are the steps to jailbreak an iOS device easily. These steps are applicable for only iPad’s running iOS 5.1.1 for Mac and Windows users by using Absinthe. The following steps […]

How to share MS Word 2013 files to Facebook

ms word 2013 file menu How to share MS Word 2013 files to Facebook – One of these features is in MS Word and MS PowerPoint 2013 that you can save YouTube videos. Another excellent feature of office 2013 is that it allows you to share office 2013 files with Social Media Sites (Facebook and LinkedIn). You can share following