The New Chromebook Price and Feature

A few years ago, Google initiated to build a better computer. Better computer in such ways as Faster in data processing; Simpler in operating and more secure to invaders. To be on plan of Better Computer, Google introduces Chromebook. The Chromebook is new brand primary computer. Many people use Chromebook as additional computer. There is no need to worry about […]
pdf reader icon

How to Disable Chrome Built in PDF Reader Step by Step

Google Chrome has lots of built-in features likes of PDF reader. As you know PDF reader is such an application, which is quite efficient to open any Portable file. Built-in PDF feature keeps Chrome ahead of other leading browsers. Whenever you want to download and save any PDF file on your computer the particular
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How to Block unwanted Messages, Friend Requests on Facebook

Once my best friend (Sanjita) has changed her personal profile photo on Facebook account. When we talked she told that she has replaced her previous image by recent one. But, she narrated that as she changes profile photo, bulk of spam notifications and unwanted messages started to come. She was scared.   So, I have decided to find […]

How to clear Cache, Cookies, History in Internet Explorer in Windows 8

How to clear Cache, Cookies, History in Internet Explorer in Windows 8 – Occasionally you have to perform needful actions like removing browser cache and history in your browser. Actually, clearing cache on the Internet browser not only increases its speed but also keeps the OS healthy. In windows 8, Internet Explorer app is as
google data center

Google shows Glimpses of Data Centers

  Since existence, Google has set it priority right to keep Privacy and Security measures on high of scale. Effort of Google yielded high dividend in terms of Data Security as well Privacy of particular identity. While Google has shared lots of designs and best practices throughout well equipped data center. Now and then everyone has been curios about glimpse of Google […]
computer hacking

6 best Tips to Prevent Computer Hacking

In latest technological era, business organization personals often scare from upcoming security threats and chances of hacking computers. As soon as a computer is hacked in the professional and business environment users can lose huge amount of money and valuable private details. To secure systems against hacking is a serious task in tech world.

How to Create Strong Password to secure Account

When you are on the verge of creating an account on particular website thought of safety comes into mind fold. To be always on a safer side, you need to apply protection with secure password to existing account. Sometimes users blame that someone has broken the security of their accounts and took over valuable data. Such an […]
windows 8 start screen image

How to Pin a Website, folder, App to Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

Windows 8 offered latest user interface and Start Screen (metro screen window) has added new features in windows version. Sometimes windows 8 users get nervous due to difficulty to work with start screen. In beginning, I also considered that there was no value of Windows 8 Metro Start Screen for desktop and laptop users

How to add Facebook Like Cover Photo on Twitter and change header

Twitter has become every person’s identity. Everyone is tweeting to literally become a twitter celebrity. Therefore, Twitter is also making various changes to make the accounts look more appealing. The layout on twitter is updated and a new feature similar to Facebook has been added. Just like a long cover photo can be uploaded on the Facebook […]
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How to Improve or Save Laptop, Notebook Battery Life

At a present time Laptop or Notebook is being used widely, and the main cause is its battery backup. Laptop and Notebook gives facility to work without electricity for a limited period of time. And for this, user is not worried about power cut. If one use laptop battery optimized accordingly saving, it may