How to apply for PAN Card, online Application Form

enter url PAN refers to Permanent Account Number, which is issued by Income Tax Department of India. It a plastic card that shows Name & Photo of taxpayer including Specific PAN Number. Every taxpayer either an individual or Firm must have a PAN Card to pay their Direct or Indirect Taxes. Nowadays, it has become as most […]

How to Post Facebook Images or Videos Directly

The word Facebook has become synonymous with the expression of thoughts. Like-minded people come on a common background to express themselves and get know the opinion of other people. This activity of posting has got much easier. While surfing the Internet, we come across many videos or images which we feel our friends should also […]

How To Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013

microsoft office 2013 uninstall How To Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 – If you have decided to remove or uninstall Microsoft office 2013 from the computer due to some personal reasons. Although, office 2013 is installed on windows 8 and windows 7 computer. Office 2013 comes in customer preview at this time among users. These versions are divided into two

How to Block Unwanted Websites from Google Search Result

url address How to Block Unwanted Websites from Google Search Result – How to boost up the ability of an individual as better web searcher? The Answer is quite simple as Identifying useless websites and removing it from the selection list may increase the searching ability of anyone. A Web browser like Google Chrome has inducted a quite […]

How to save Google Chrome web pages in PDF Format

pdf logo Occasionally, we want to save the web pages contents in PDF in between Internet accessing. Almost, there is no option inside Internet browsers (Internet explorer, Mozilla, Opera and more) to save current open web pages as PDF. Once we save web pages contents in PDF format of any particular website, there is no need of

How to Activate and Upgrade Windows 8

windows 8 activate After successful installation of windows 8, we need to activate it instantly. Otherwise we can’t upgrade windows 8 further to get new windows features. Actually windows activation is performed through entering correct genuine license key (25 digits). Activation is the procedure of making sure that current window

How to Deactivate / Delete a Twitter Account Permanently

deactivate my account link Twitter is becoming the favorite of millions around the world for expressing their thoughts. Even world-class leaders are connecting with people through this social networking site. There are many activities to be performed on Twitter. Here are some of the ways to deactivate a Twitter account. This deactivation process is not available for mobile devices. […]

How to keep your Computer running fast, smooth, safe

make pc fast For those working a lot on computers usually become impatient if a file takes a lot of time to open or if an application takes a lot of time to load. Thus, there first requirement is a smooth running of the computer system. We get frustrated while working on a system which is usually