Best Android Apps For Students, Download Free

android app for student Today students are getting a lot of knowledge and fun with their Android devices (Mobile, Tablet, Smartphone). In fact, at present Android is used not only with entertainment and use intention, but it has also extra productivity in regard to knowledge and study. Android app store (Google play) has presented numerous helpful apps which are especially for student. Therefore, I […]

How to Verify PAN Number Online

How to Verify PAN Number Online Know Your PAN– Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card is something, which we all need. It is highly rated source of Identity of particular Indian. Neither of financial deals in India’s Territory could be confirmed without mentioning PAN details of both party or firms. Govt. of India has made it mandatory for all taxpayers to have own […]

What is iPad and What is it used for, iPad 2 Features

ipad2 photo The Apple proved its worth with the release of the tablet range of personal computers known as iPads. The tablet computers are usually placed between the smartphones and PCs. They are larger than the mobile phones but smaller than PCs. Initially, they were designed for entertainment basis such as playing games, listening songs, watching movies, […]

How to file RTI Online / Application Form

 Right to Information, well spells as RTI, is an act to empower common people of India to ask questions from responsible public authority. As the Government of India thinks that every Indian has equal rights to know about functioning of Govt. machinery, so the act of RTI was introduced in public domain in 2005. Number of query and complaints […]

How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel 2007 step by step

ms office button ‘Macro’ an inbuilt feature of Microsoft Office helps us to assign own commands to do repeated work quite easily. In fact, Macro is a series of commands and actions derived by users to perform specific tasks. Anyone working in Excel environment have to do certain amount of repeated actions to finalize spreadsheet. Surely, repeated

Microsoft Windows 8 Price after offer to upgrade

windows 8 product copy Although we have informed to upgrade mode from windows 7 to windows 8 professional worth only price $39.99. But separate windows 8 license copy is going to be fixed on price $199. Microsoft will propose the windows 8 professional retail product copy on $ 69.99 till  31 January 2013, other than it will take price

How to block Facebook

 Curiosity about blocking existing websites comes in human mind from yesteryear. Reasons behind blocking are quite simple; as most of them are using subsided contents and stay with single faced conclusions. But, when a question is raised in front of you to block Facebook from immediate effect how can you react? Obviously, you don’t feel well. Because most […]

Interesting and Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks

google search photo As you know Google is the most popular search engine all over world, But without Google search page there is no existence of Google. Normally by writing needed words in Google search box and get our wanted result. But here are some tricks. If you use these tricks you can found more exact and accurate result. […]