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Senior Citizen Welfare Schemes / Plans in India

Senior Citizens are jewel of our society. As you know they have worked hard for the development of society as well as nation. During period of respective engagements, they accumulates vast amount of experience. Youth may gain experience of senior citizens in taking nation to greater heights. At this age of life all such experienced persons need to be […]
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How to find Wi-Fi IP and MAC Address of Android phones

If you want to download new apps , movies or songs from internet via active Wi-Fi network you have to insert current Wi-Fi IP address or MAC address to establish the Wireless connection. In Android phones you feel panic in order to find out that where Wi-Fi IP address and MAC address are present. So, I am going to […]

Best Facebook Apps for Android with Download Links

Facebook, the largest social-networking website with countless active users is an ever-growing family. There are tons of Facebook apps in very OS. So, introducing below are some of the best apps for Android OS. Besides this, some apps have been also described in previous posts written under title Best Android Apps download free. Facebook for Android: This is the basic Facebook app […]
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Best Windows 8 Time Showing apps – Clock Tile and Alarm Clock

As you know time management is playing a vital role in your busy schedules currently. Hence clock is recognized as an essential element in your life. At present, the whole thing has gone digital, and clocks are presently in thousands of formats and shapes. You can also find out current time on mobile phones
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Webmine app – upload photos from website to Facebook on Android

With computer or laptop environment you can openly upload preferred images on your  Facebook accounts through particular websites. But, if you want to apply same process on your Android supported device then it is not possible. Therefore, Google play store has presented a useful app named WebMine for Android. This app helps you to simply to choose images […]
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How to download Smart guides of Windows 8 Professional features

Windows 8 has gained a lot of praises from their users after presenting its trail versions in 2012. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 full version will be launched on 26 October 2012. Microsoft has also published helpful guides of Windows 8 professional features. To access Windows 8 easily, Microsoft has revealed seven fresh helpful
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How to Share Files in Windows 8 with Homegroup Network Step by Step

Windows 8 has been launched with a great deal in the area of Homegroup networking. In an established Homegroup network in windows 8, you can perform sharing of files or folders without any troubles. The method of file sharing in the windows 8 Homegroup is slightly different from previous windows 7. In this post,
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How to setup Do not Disturb App on iOS 6, Features

There are many apps for iOS 6 as email app, music app, Education App. business App, Flipboard App, Camera Awesome App, and many more. A new app come in light named Do not Disturb. Here, this app’s features and Details are going to be discussed. Apple has revealed a new special feature Do not Disturb in their iOS 6 version for […]