How to activate internet banking in PNB / Punjab National Bank

pnb netbanking website The world of Internet has made the experience of banking easier and accessible anywhere. The various privileges achieved by the members of the various banks is making their transactions using the bank anywhere and anytime without being present physically present in the bank. The customers of Punjab National Bank (PNB) have a privilege to get […]

How to activate mobile banking in PNB / Punjab National Bank

pnb mobile banking The use of a mobile device such as a mobile phone or a PDA for account transactions, balance checks, payments, credit applications and other banking transactions is what is termed as mobile banking or e-banking. The service of mobile Internet started with the advancement of the smartphones and was extended to the world wide web. […]

How to study Physics better, Move towards Concepts

We are quite accustomed to reading history, geography, English easily but it is usually the science subjects which leave us hopeless. And most difficult of them is physics which goes over our head.But it not like that. Physics is most interesting subject and we ought to study it as everything in this universe is governed […]

Follow these ways and prevent car accident – 12 steps

 12 Best way to prevent car Accident – Consciousness is very important, and consciousness while driving is of utmost importance. A man drives a vehicle to save time, not to injure others. However, as the number of vehicles on road is increasing, the accidents caused by them are also increasing. Accidents on roads can be […]

How to lose weight in 8 basic steps

hight weight chart HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 8 BASIC STEPS – In this metropolitan world, everyone is very conscious of their looks, and everyone tries to maintain his personality. This urge of looking good makes obese people feel very bad and they are left depressed. But it is just a matter of determination and hard work and […]

How to study Mathematics properly, What is the Best way

mathematics learning photo Mathematics is a subject which once understood is never forgotten but if not studied well is never interesting and to pass the subject is a herculean task. But, it is never so. The numero phobia should be thrown away, and a proper scientific approach should be made. And yes a consistency of regular practice is […]

Google Punishment for Websites to Lose Ranking for Piracy

Google to reduce pirate sites in search results – Google team is ready to give punishment of its search results related to illegal usage by pirate websites. An offender who trying to reduce the importance of particular websites through duplicate copyright and make it easier to search legal sources. So Google has joined with different organization like motion picture Association […]

Microsoft Launches Touchscreen Keyboard Tablet

Touch screen keyboard gives us multiple facilities Such as – easy to use, minimize errors and insert text in mobile handset instantly in suitable modes. So Microsoft has launched touch screen supported tablet with preloaded Windows 8 operating system recently. After a lot of efforts, Microsoft has decided also to launch virtual touchscreen keyboard for windows […]