Google Trends and Insight Search merged to make a powerful Search Tool

Millions of people from different factions as Science & Technology, Business, Research, Health, Publication etc are been die hard follower of Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. As an individual you also be used  Google Trends to keep up Online Trending Interests. While professionals of Publication, Business and Researchers are using Insights for Search to compare popularity […]
google takeout service youtube video download image

How to Download YouTube Videos as ZIP File Using Google Takeout

On this platform, I have written a few posts regarding with Downloading YouTube videos, but today with going up one step forward How to Download YouTube Videos as ZIP File is going to be written. In present Internet era, everyone has heard Google word. It is top ranked worldwide Internet company. Google offers to their users to access […]
windows 8 youtube player app first screen image

YouTube Player: Another YouTube App for Windows 8

In previous post, you have known about features of YouTube 8 app. As you know YouTube is an accepted online video streaming website where you can upload, share and watch preferred videos on the single platform. But YouTube developers have not launched own authorize app for windows 8 till now. Now Windows 8 Apps Store has presented […]
custome tile maker app image

How to create Custom Tiles To Start Screen In Windows 8

Windows 8 presented wonderful and modern handy User Interface as Start Screen has got a lot of praises from users. It is also called metro screen. Windows 8 Start Screen allows you to pin or unpin apps, opted folders and other system applications on single platform. It assists you to access instant and simple
windows 8 cut the rope game

5 Fun Windows Store Game Apps for Windows 8 Free

The Windows Store has various grand and interesting games for their windows 8 users. When windows 8 store has been explored, I have found a lot of fine games. Although maximum games has been checked already by me.  At last, I have shortlisted five free fun game apps for Windows 8. 1.  Cut the Rope It […]
android tTorrent app

tTorrent Lite App – Search and Download Torrent on Android Device

In sequence of blogging I have written may posts as Mosquito Repellent App, Any movie Downloader app, WhatsApp, etc. Now keeping journey up today the matter will be tTorrent Lite App. As you know Torrent is one of the best and admired websites which helps you in downloading online movies and all types of software over the Internet. Actually […]
promotion on facebook

How to Promote your Business on Facebook

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? With the number of users ranging to about 845 million, there is every type of person present ranging from teenagers to entrepreneurs, from housewives to potential brides and bridegrooms, from students to head of the institution. With such a huge variation of users, Facebook can surely be used as an online […]
chrom tab outliner image

Google Tabs Outliner to help Multiple Tab in Google Chrome

Like ‘Tabs Outliner’ application Google Chrome has plenty of apps in its web store. A few of them as Highlight Custom Words on Google Chrome Webpages have been discussed by me in my earlier article. The particular article leads you to make aware of Google Chrome extension named Tabs Outliner. Whenever you have to do an extensive […]
fliptoast on windows 8 Store image

How to use fliptoast to hold Facebook and Twitter on one platform

Currently Windows 8 App Store has presented several helpful and personal apps for their windows 8 user. A special app has been searched which assists you to control Twitter and Facebook at same time from one locations. This app is known as FlipToast, and it has been designed to operate top rated social network sites (Facebook and twitter) […]