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How to Set up Facebook Account with Apple iPhone iOS 6

Apple has launched the final edition of iOS 6 Apps among their iPhone users. In this edition, few latest changes and addition of new features for default apps like maps, social sharing and iCloud has taken place. The new enhancements is especially in social sharing option in the iOS 6 app. Now you can add your Facebook account to […]

Microsoft is creating opportunity for 300 Million Young People

Microsoft has made an important announcement to deal current issue of unemployment. As you know well unemployment affects badly global economy also create uproar. To take on unemployment issue, Microsoft is about to initiate a new strategy to create new opportunities for youths. The initiative ‘Microsoft YouthSpark’ leads to create more than 300 Million employment in about 100 […]

New YouTube app for iPhone and iPod Download Free

YouTube, the great entertainer of worldwide netizens, thrills us with its complete entertainment package. Users from different  age groups are much rely on YouTube to make them entertain anytime and anywhere.  As a die-hard YouTube follower you want to stay connected with it. Nowadays, smartphone craze are enhancing rapidly. Users of smartphones like iPhone and iPod  are questioning about induction […] login

How to set up Automated Vacation Replies in

Mailing features of automated reply of vacation is most awaited demands of users since long times. As professional, we have to stick with our respective services. Due to service commitments, we have hardly any time to spent with our house hold members. Whenever time to rid of day to day activity comes we plan to spent […]
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Windows 8 Product Guide for Business Download link, Features

Microsoft has published a Windows 8 Product Guide for Business user in September 2012.  Now, it can be downloaded from Microsoft websites. This  product  guide gives a complete glance about all latest features in Windows 8 which is significant to enterprise and business users. Microsoft  has given details in this product  guide like how
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Apple iOS 6 Download Links for iPhone 5 all Versions

Apple has released  the final version of iOS 6 on 19 September 2012. It has been declared at the time of launching of the iPhone 5. Now iPhone 5 user can access with iOS 6 app also. Several  latest  characteristics and enhancements have been added in every iOS edition. The latest features contain new look up of Maps app, enhanced personal voice assistant […]

Participate in Advance Power Searching Course with Google

On account of empowering users with new skill, Google is about to start ‘Power Searching’ course once again onwards 24th September 2012. It is absolutely free online course that aims to empower users with new interactive tools for power searching option in Google environment. The upcoming Google Power Search course features 06 classes with time of 50 […]
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Windows 8 People App – Share, Access Contacts, Status Updates

We are trying to provide updates of different apps of Windows 8 perennially. In this sequence a number of apps as Mail App, camera app, video app, music app, education app, etc has been described. Today We will discuss on People app which helps in sharing in Social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, etc. People App in Windows 8 – 
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How Activate New Twitter Profile to get Correct Header Photo

Being users of the microblogging site ‘Twitter’ we witness its inherent features quite closely. Certainly millions of Twitter followers are using this media to put their thoughts confidently at the world-class forum. The Global exposure of Twitter platform forces prominent personality around the world to raise their voice here. Riding on the list of top most blogging sites ‘Twitter’ has to do many more […]