Complete Guide to Windows 8 Task Manager – Features, Options

Task Manager is new appearance and inbuilt upgrading tools in windows 8. Actually, Task Manger is used to control windows start up applications, system services and find system IP address easily. Windows 8 Task Manager is categorized in different modes like system information and tasks. we can perform system related operations easily through it

Windows 8 Product Key free for 32 bit, 64 bit

Windows 8 Product Key free for 32 bit, 64 bit Windows 8 Product Key free for 32 bit, 64 bit – When a user receives Windows 8 installation disc from a buddy unaccompanied by a product key, he begins to search it here and there. As we acknowledge, in the absence of the product key windows 8 is pretty impossible to be installed. So, If

How to add analytics to wordpress blog / site

sign up in analytivcs Google Analytics is a must tool for a websites. Website’s data like number of visits, Time period spent by visitors on website, Bounce rate, and many calculations help in developing a blog and lifting it on height of the goal, you set. Besides it, you can know how many visitors are active on it at […]

How to Hide Windows Explorer Ribbon Permanently in Windows 8

windows 8 ribbon explorer tab A ribbon interface feature in windows 10, 8 explorer seems amazing. Three central menus are located (File, Computer, and View) on the top side of the ribbon interface. In windows 10, 8, We find various system tool and device shortcut (for example – Access media, Map network drive, Control panel link, System Properties

How to Minimize Windows Explorer Ribbon in Windows 10, 8

windows 8 ribbon explorer panel showing In Windows 10, 8, the appearance of windows explorer seems absolutely different from earlier windows version ( win 7 or XP) explorer. Windows 8 explorer window includes an inbuilt new tool (Ribbon interface) in the top panel. Ribbon interface of windows 10, 8 explorer has multiple system tool shortcuts which are used to access and perform

How to connect Photon Plus in Computer or Laptop?

TATA photon Plus access PHOTON PLUS is one of the fastest speed Internet Access Service Providing Modem at this time. Although for a mediocre Family member it is slight costly one. But if it is bought, pleases with its Internet accessing speed to the user. Its speed is 3.1 Mbps at the time of downloading and 1.8 Mbps at

How to View Youtube Video as Series of Still Images

 Storyboard of YouTube. – Watching video of YouTube mesmerize spectators. Lakhs of viewer all around the globe are keenly watching latest uploaded Videos. But, have you ever think; how do these videos achieve this state? Current revelation of YouTube throws lights on how mechanism works to bring video in this state. So, we are trying to discuss […]

How to Activate Windows 8 online Step by Step

Activate Windows 8 Preview version  Is windows 8 preview version not installed in your computer, but activation related warning message is displaying regularly in your desktop screen due to wrong activation issues. We must insert genuine 25 digit product key during installation. If you are not getting success in activating it with activation key

How to find wifi Password in Windows 8/10 Step by Step

windows-8-Wireless-Properties Find wifi Password in Windows 8 Step by Step – When we connect our system with Internet providing machine through WiFi, a password is asked to set for security purpose. We try to set a strong password so that it may be more and more protected. But by chance, if the password is forgotten, we

How To Make Window XP Bootable CD Easily

Suppose our Windows XP having multiple problems like virus effect, missing system files, not run new software easily and more. In any of these situations, we may have to format operating system. Now we start to format windows xp. But our XP bootable disc is unable to boot ahead. But don’t worry, we can