Best Gaming Trends on PC ON Windows OS

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve PC performance   Windows OS offers a wide range of latest gaming trends. It has access to numerous social games, games downloadable to PC casually, games played by girls, racing games, and many others. The Windows OS today gives instant access to a wide range of […]
chrome add password protect extension

How to Protect Your Google Chrome Browser with Password

Are you truly alert about your private data (user ID, Password and many more) which is stored in your favorite Google chrome browser ? Therefore, an extension namely ‘Simple Startup Password’ allows helpful services to you protect your Google Chrome browser from startup password. It also make secure your privacy from unknown users. The working
reduce photo size app

How to Reduce Photo Size on Android to Upload on Web

Tricks to reduce photo size are applied commonly before uploading it on the web. As you know well longer photos use more bandwidth than the shorter one. Certainly no one likes to squander more bandwidth. Therefore, importance of cropping images before uploading it on the web grow many folds. Applications to crop image also suit to your PC are made much earlier. But, […]
computing tips image

Follow 6 Best Tips for better Computing

Operating a computer system smoothly is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of patience in organizing it for smooth running. The problem arises when the antivirus programs are not running regularly, when the folders are not organized, and they get filled with viruses and when everything is kept disorganized. This article
google safe serach setting page

How to Lock Google Safe Search to Protect Children

To keep children away from exercise of searching adult or inferior online contents is something that everyone is looking for. Many more parental control software are made to give complete protection from avoidable search of sexual matters. Besides of these application, Google has inbuilt solution to enable locking features of safe search to keep away minor / children to get unexpected result related […] account

How to Convert Gmail in and import Contacts

Microsoft has redesigned their popular web mail into in August 2012. The latest is faster than other web mail services along with inbuilt easy user interface buttons. It helps you to show your email id less clutter and provides easy options to share your posts or contents with Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn accounts openly. You can find and import your contacts on single platform […]
iOS6 jailbreak process

How to jailbreak iOS 6 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch with RedSnow

Apple has provided the latest version as iOS 6 for iPhone supporting devices on 19 September 2012. This updated version conveys latest helpful features and enhancements for Apple devices ( iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Now iPhone Dev-team has find out tips to do jailbreak of iOS 6.0 version. It has been checked through offered dev version of […]
google docs icon

How to Upgrade Google Docs with New Google Drive

As you know Google Docs service helps to maintain online documents over Google Storage server. It is edited, examined and shared often via Internet. Millions of Google users are accessing Google Docs service to store their documents online at this time. The main cause in the wake of Google Docs popularity among Google users is it avails […]