How to create Shutdown, Restart, Sleep Shortcut in Windows 10, 8

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve PC performance   Create Shutdown, Restart, Sleep Shortcut in Windows 10, 8. – Windows 8 inbuilt metro screen window is recognized as a modern interface. In this, we do not find the power button on start button task pane or anywhere in Windows 10, 8. In this situation, we […]

Windows 8 Startup Menu Details – A Complete Guide

When you press F8 button during  windows loading in your computer,  it launches Windows Startup dialog box in metro style panel. Windows 8  Startup dialog box is also called Windows Startup Menu. It brings various options to solve  troubleshoots during  Startup and booting. You  find important system repair tools ( recovery, Safe mode and   many more) in Startup menu.

Windows 8 File History Backup Details – A Complete Guide

Restore Settings Button File History is a significant tool incorporated to Windows 8 leading to create and aggregate backup files via automatic mode which you become able to restore at any moment as per your requirement. It performs similar windows Restore point and permits you to restore your personal documents, desktop, important data, Favorite folder backup etc

How to Upgrade and Install windows 8 from Windows 7

Windows 8 compatibility test Windows 8 both beta version (consumer and Developer) has been brought by Microsoft in 2012. So you may upgrade easily windows 8 from windows 7 from any of both versions. If you have already windows 8 bootable DVD disc then follow below tips. Step wise step tips for upgrading windows 8 from windows 7

Windows 8 Release Date and Price to Upgrde

windows 8 logo Microsoft sponsored windows 8 beta has come in 2012. But worldwide user is waiting of genuine windows 8 product versions. Finally, Microsoft has announced that windows 8 genuine version possibly will be released on 26 October 2012. Although, accurate release dates about windows 8 has not been declared yet. According to authorities of Microsoft,

How to Refresh Windows 8 / Reset on Laptop, Computer

Two modes of system repair tool have been added to windows 8, and these are recognized as Refresh and Reset. It is used to perform repair and recovery actions. Whenever you find numerous system problems in windows 8 and unable to access these in simple way, use both repair tools to reset your computer.

How to activate Power button in Windows 8

windows 8 power tile in settings panel When windows 8 firstly screen comes with metro look  in front of you, Then puzzling moment for you, when find power button (shutdown, Restart and sleep) in windows 8. A question arises in your mind that where is power button in windows 8. As you know, Windows 8 has launched metro screen window in

What is Walkability application, How it will help users?

 A golden era of smart phone feature has come in India. In the context, new smartphone application has launched to progress beneficiaries in locality issues and view online road status for walker. A reputed NGO organization has also involved in this mission, and its statutory part is known as Clean Air Initiative (CAI). In brief it […]

How To Deactivate and Delete Facebook Account ?

Facebook login page Facebook is a popular social networking website and about 800 million online users use it nowadays. It spreads enjoy and fun with connected users. Facebook facilitates various features to their online users for example – advertisement, online text messaging, video chat, sharing favorite videos and personal images, idea, opinion about current affairs etc. But sometimes you […]

How to know IP Address of Your PC / Laptop

5 Display Ip address in UNIX How to know IP Address of Your PC / Laptop – When you access internet, an important idea – how to find  IP address of computers simply may arise in your mind. IP address is defined by Internet Protocol Address. IP address recognizes your computer on the internet. Generally, two types of IP address is known – Static and Dynamic. […]