android scanner app

How to Use Android Phone as Scanner, Free Download link

As you know Scanners is used to scan documents, images and more related things. Most scanners devices are weighty, and you can’t shift it comfortably to another place. Scanner device also comes with high price in the market. It is believed to be an expenditure of money in order to only you require to scan […]
windows 8 start screen settings panel

Best Customization Tools Of Windows 8 and Download Link

Best Customization Tools Of Windows 8 – Since the advent of Windows 8, there are a couple of new things with which you are fighting till now. Microsoft has also proposed to modify a bunch of the characteristics in Windows 8. After installing Windows 8, you are looking for some new freeware tools that would
windows 8 foursquare app

Foursquare App for Windows 8 Price and Features

Windows 8 and apps are deeply connected with each other. For ever programmes in Windows 8 there some apps. These apps support the program to run. Foursquare is also an app. It is an admired location support social app  that permits you to share your current location with friends online. Foursquare apps is also
How to use Android camera App as webcam step by step image

How to use Android camera App as webcam step by step

We can use an Android camera like a webcam with an IPWebcam app. Today we will discuss on this matter. For this, we have to download IPwebcam app. Now we proceed to the steps for how to Use Your Android Camera as a Webcam: First Step Configure Android Camera as Webcam At first, download IP […]
windows 8 news app

How To Customize News App in Windows 8 step by step

This is the time of apps. In fact apps is short form of applications, and it supports to run a programme.  In windows 8 many apps are available as news apps, sports apps, photo, video, mail, music apps etc. But to run these apps we have to customize these. Today we will talk about 
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Apple iPhone 5 Price and Features Review

APPLE iPhone 5-REVIEW The Apple family or rather the iPhone family has yet another member added to it. Following the success of iPhone 4s handsets which has sold over a 20 million units and has grabbed many awards at the Gadget shows, the new member is expected to be a blast. There are various hot […]