How to find wifi Password in Windows 8/10 Step by Step

windows-8-Wireless-Properties Find wifi Password in Windows 8 Step by Step – When we connect our system with Internet providing machine through WiFi, a password is asked to set for security purpose. We try to set a strong password so that it may be more and more protected. But by chance, if the password is forgotten, we

How To Make Window XP Bootable CD Easily

Suppose our Windows XP having multiple problems like virus effect, missing system files, not run new software easily and more. In any of these situations, we may have to format operating system. Now we start to format windows xp. But our XP bootable disc is unable to boot ahead. But don’t worry, we can

11 Best Android Apps 2018

a downloader app Android supported mobile or tablet is mostly found among us nowadays. There are many advantages of Android devices. With this device we get updated weather forecast, current news, play latest videos, watch live cricket and many more. Therefore, Android is playing a useful part in our life. Apps help Android Device in making many features and […]

Best Android Apps Download Free – How to Get

Beluga App for Android Phones After purchasing Android device or mobile, the first question before you is about Apps. In other words, you can say that without apps you cannot use an Android properly and perfectly. You have to find and install important apps on Android. Although numerous Android apps are available in the market but which is important and […]

How to Compress files or folder to RAR file

add-to-archive Today most downloaded files ( MP3, Videos, Software, documents) or received an email message attachment files are found in RAR format. So, we should have ideas about open it simply. In the coming part of this article, we will show How to Compress files or folder to RAR file.

How to Edit PDF in Microsoft Word 2013 – MS Office

Edit PDF in MS Office - 2013 How to Edit PDF in Microsoft Word 2013 – MS Office – Mostly using applications are recognized as MS word, MS Access, MS Excel and PowerPoint. In the context, Microsoft has presented a beta version of Microsoft Office 2013 (renaming as Office 365 Preview) in 2012. Before Microsoft Office version 2013, we didn’t know

How To Activate Auto Logon in Windows 8

As you know well, a lot of feelings either panic or interesting has been felt by windows 8 users till now. At first you have to cross over from startup problem. In the context, you have to insert account name and password for further access. Although, it is used for security enhancement and prevent