google drive app

Google Drive App updated for Android iOS with document editor

In September 2012, Google officially stated an update information about Google Drive apps. This app is compatible with Android and iOS . So this app is available at Google Play store and Apple App Store for download. Features of new Google drive app for iOS  Easy to edit Google documents with format tool and teamwork. Google Drive […]
windows 8 live tile disable

How to Stop Live Tile Notifications in Windows 8

You are working with concentration on your PC and suddenly pop up or update notification appears in between, obviously you get disturbed and try to stop these updates. Here process of stopping live tile notification is being given step by step. So, follow these steps and stop these notifications.
facebook camera apps

Facebook Standalone Camera App for IPhone and IPad

Act of Photo sharing by mobile user is seen everywhere. Facebook realizes its big opportunity to consolidate its user base and introduced Camera Apps. Well, Facebook camera app has a lot of features to ease exercise of sharing and editing. Certainly, it a good news for those who want to live up every moment and […]
icici bank apps setting

How to use ICICI Banking Apps for Facebook

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI), a leading private sector banking union as well as second largest among all banking union, has larger all round network in India. More than 2630 well-functioned branches and 8003 ATM are indulging in financial activity to facilitate its users. Due to instant banking services it has enhanced user based, not only […]
android running train status app

Locate Indian Train Status with Indian Train Locator Android App

Railway is the largest means of communication in India. Hundreds of trains run from one corner to other, one part to other, one state to other daily here. Even It is the lifeline or backbone for communication. Millions of people travel daily on trains. Train also saves a lot of time of people by running […]
paypal logo

How to Get back a closed Paypal Account, Secure Money

Ways to retrieve back a closed Paypal account – When it comes to money and when its security is concerned, no one is better than PayPal. It is the safest website for online transactions, but it is very difficult to maintain a consistentaccount as it blocks the account even with the slightest suspect. The transactions […]
url image

How to upload Photos in Facebook through URL

Facebook, the largest social  networking site, has millions of regular world wide users.  It’s users are often seen to update their status, sharing thought as well information, indulging into gossips and many more mutual conversation. Besides of these creativity, Facebook offers to upload images and Videos. Keeping all these uploaded image intact needs a photo album the […]
email file save

How to Print email from Windows 8 Mail App

Procedures to Print email from Windows 8 Mail App. – Windows 8 has brought a lot more changes in terms of its novelty and its Interface. User-friendly interface of Windows 8 ensures its acceptability to the common user. It introduces more apps for simply access installed program in PC. All exercise related to documentation,
windows 8 personalize menu

How to Place Computer Icon in Windows 8/10 Start Menu, Desktop

Everyone wants that his Personal Computer look is exclusive. So you may set images at right places as your wish. For this, you may place computer icon in Windows 8 start menu. Here I am providing steps to do that. Placing Computer Icon to the Windows 8 Start Menu Panel First Tips Launch Windows
Skydrive login

How to Create and Share an Office Document via SkyDrive

To store files and folders is an important issue. If you save files is computer it may be deleted or be public. Pen Drive is a small object chance of forgetting it is very much. Sometime it is corrupted also without any signal. So where should you store your file is a great concern.