Windows 8 Metro Control Panel Features Developer Preview

Windows 8, latest Operating Introduced by Microsoft, is available in  dual preview as Consumer & Developer. Much more developed function suppress all its earlier version.  Accessing to multiple options at the same place is one the key feature Windows 8 has. Apart of default programme users may configure programme as per their need. Configuring Control

How to Remove lock screen in Windows 8 Tips Stepwise

windows 8 locked screen Windows 8 often displays default lock screen background on the Startup screen with indicating  time and current date. If you want  to change custom screen according to your choices you may do it simply, but lock screen does not get changed. Here I am going to discuss the issue of changing or unlock default

How to Disable Metro Start Screen in Windows 8 Tips

Windows 8 both versions (Developer or consumer) display new feature Metro Start Screen at startup. Act of accessing Apps as Maps, weather, Calendar, Camera and Many more could be easy with this feature. Enabling and Disabling of Metro Start Screen shows the difference between latest and earlier operating. Due tothe  metro start screen, users

How to Run Command Prompt as Administrator in Windows 8

Command Prompt is known as DOS. It is the integral feature in all windows operating devices. Command Prompt is an important tool in Windows which is used to configure window settings by entering commands. In Windows 8, you know that the Start button is not found in the taskbar. Thus it becomes difficult to open the […]

How to Activate Family Safety in Windows 8 Tips, Stepwise

create account for children in windows 8 Microsoft has enabled a tool in Windows 8 for dealing the issue of Family safety. Once this feature is activated in your relative’s account you will be able to look after each and every activity of your ward during your absence. Family Safety features contains a weekly report of computer usage (details lists of

How to Sign In Windows live, Microsoft Account in Windows 8

windows 8 change pc settings button Windows 8 displays sign in option during startup. At the same time it asks you to enter Windows live, or Microsoft account email address to access windows 8 advantage. If you follow above method you can store windows 8 setting online and access PC sync tool easily for making changes in  settings of Personalize,

How to Add Email Accounts to Windows 8 Mail App

windows 8 start screen Mail app tile How to Add Email Accounts in Windows 8 Mail App – Windows 8 beta version offers a lot to its On-net or Off-net users. If you want to configure  Gmail account or Hotmail account in email client tool then follow given tips. There are two methods to configure Gmail account online in Windows 8 –

How to Go into Safe Mode in Windows 8 Tips Stepwise

How to Go in Safe Mode in Windows 8 – In Windows 8, we witness  many new functions. One of them is enabling  Safe Mode. It was also a prominently recognized tool in the earlier editions of Windows. It is utilized to better assist in loading system driver, assists in hardware troubleshoot, presents the solutions

How to open Windows 8 Modern Task Manager

Windows 8 has come with modern Advance Task Manager. It contains several modern features like detail information about current active software, computer services and Processing, system resources and more. You may also specify CPU configuration and computer memory (RAM) Usage status through Modern Task Manager. Here, the question is How can anyone be able

How to use Windows 8 Charms Bar / Introduction

windows 8 showing charms panel Whenever we install Windows 8 (beta) in our systems appearance of Windows amazed us. More attractive and gorgeous appearances abide all us in its spell.  We as a user are familiar to work on earlier Windows, so our search evolves on the basis of previous experiences. But our earlier experiences