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Google launches Scientific Calculator, Solve any calculation

Google Search provides us to find our desired search results in moments. We often search on Google to know weather updated news, Stock market news, particular city current time, cricket news ball by ball, unit conversion, rapid calculation and other. As we know, there are several types of calculator software has been introduced on internet till now. For example Scientific calculator, Digital […]

How to find Personal Details by PAN Card, Internet

Personal Details of any individual could be accessed with or without prior permission. But remember the legal aspect might be foil unauthorized  exercise of your’s. If required urgently certain provision has been made. By following below article you may be able to view personal details of desired persons. Access of personal details could be easy for all such persons […]

How can you get a Passport Online

Issuance of Passport is executive exercise of Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in Indian Territory. 77 such Passport Seva Kendra are indulging to meet with the expectation of Passport Seekers. Important city in each state has one or two Passport Seva Kendra for garnering the acceptance of passport seekers. Process of obtaining passport starts with applying Online or offline way. […]
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How To Enable DVD Drive in windows 8, Detect it Easily

Sometimes we find a new troubleshoot in windows 8. After successfully installing windows 8 preview version, computer window does not show internal DVD drive. Then we get ourselves in trouble and think, why DVD drive is vanished from windows 8 after installation. But don’t worry, a process having some steps are being provided.

How to Connect Idea Net setter to Computer or Laptop

Idea Net setter is one of the most useful internet accessing modem. It is the cheapest one as well as catches network in far-flung and rural areas. These days it is available unlocked and Internet users may use it with any SIM whether it is Idea, Airtel, Reliance, Smart, Uninor, Stel or MTS. After buying idea net setter, […]

How To View PDF file in Windows 8, What is Windows Reader?

How To View PDF file in Windows 8 – Generally, we view PDF (Portable Document Format) files through either Adobe Reader or third party software (Foxit Reader, PDF Viewer and more). For example – When we download application format of recruitment notification, Tutorial books, magazines or whatever from Internet,

How to Activate Mobile Banking in SBI

Just imagine you are away from home and suddenly much more money needs for paying necessary contingency. How can you do? Certainly, you will call near one for assistant. Suppose, no one known to you could appear for providing help on that needy time. How can you guide yourself to such anguish moment? In such scenario, […]

How to Access iPhone File Manager App to View files

We know, iPhone device supports a large number of file formats in iOS (iPhone Operating System). when a third-party App is installed on iPhone we can easily view and edit several types of file formats such as – documents, PDF, Text, ZIP format, Internet related files and other. So a new iOS App has been launched named File Manager App. Through this App, […]
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How to Download Google Chrome and set in Windows 8 Metro App

Windows 8 supported applications are divided into two modes – Metro mode app and Desktop app. In another word, we can launch any favourite application through either metro app or desktop screen directly. There are few apps for example – Internet Explorer can be launched in both mode (Metro mode or desktop). We find desktop supported Internet explorer

How to activate Internet Banking in SBI

Internet Banking adds up many ways ease the facility of Banking. Receiving or paying money in secure and easy way is the key features of Internet Banking. Just recall olden days, when people had to queue up at banking counters for withdrawing money for paying even pity expenses. Fear about mischievous act was the genuine issue on that time. But the advent of […]