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How to Disable Smart Screen in Windows 10, 8 / Remove

As you know Windows 8 adorned with unique features like Smart Screen. In fact  Smart Screen is tool which is used to identify authorized user.  Besides of it, suggestions as well as warning message has been published on computer screen during downloading unconvincing software or programme. Therefore, it seems quite useful in perspective of

How to Connect Mobile to Laptop through Bluetooth

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve PC performance   Making a connection between Mobile and Laptop depends on an active function of WIFI or Bluetooth. As you know well both WIFI and Bluetooth work in wireless mode.  Laptop, which you want to connect with Mobile must have Windows XP or  Windows 7 […]

How To Delete Friends from Facebook / Remove Permanently

Facebook, a well know social networking website, provides platform to worldwide net users to express their felling as well as thoughts to others. Adding more and more friends and putting own’s thoughts are key act which is done here. Due to expressing thoughts and following others view makes a chain of mutual understanding between group […]

How to disable automatic Windows update in Windows 7 Completely

Windows 7 is decorated with feature like System Restore. It is feature to be used for restoring new system file in place of corrupt one. Importance of System Restoration shoot up multiple times whenever users need to replace corrupt file to genuine file. When one gets troubles in installing new hardware driver, unable to

How to System Restore Windows 7 / What to do when it fails

Suppose, your computer is working with single account at a time. You have forgotten password of active account. Then what is solution? Here if you don’t want to format your computer, the task becomes more difficult. How you will start your computer. At this time hidden default administrator account in windows 7 comes in

How To Create User Account, Password in Windows 7

Having more than one User Account and Password makes a computer more secure from unauthorized access. As per need, one’s may add password feature to enable or disable an account in windows 7. Advantage of managing password is used for enabling as well as disabling password in computer easily. Now, I am going to

How to Activate Hibernate in Power button in Windows 8

In Computer system, the function of Hibernating is made for the restoration of all active screen in previous modes after computer reboot or shutdown from the hard disk. Not only in earlier Windows, but also in Windows 8 option of Hibernation does not display in a usual form. Activating this option and making in

How to add Start button in Windows 8 Tips Step by Step

While working in Windows 8, we witness much more user-friendly options like Metro Screen & Charms Bar. Each and every utility tools are placed in both Metro Screen & Charms Bar. But missing of Start Button at bottom part of screen arise some doubt in users. Addressing this issue as how to add start button in Windows 8 could be

How To Delete Local User Account in windows 7

Making more than one user accounts in Windows 7 beefed up security concern of unauthorized users. Memorizing passwords of each made Local User Accounts is certainly tough task. Therefore, users have no more choice than to delete Local User Accounts. So, question raises here how to delete Local user Account when working in Windows