How to Activate Hibernate in Power button in Windows 8

In Computer system, the function of Hibernating is made for the restoration of all active screen in previous modes after computer reboot or shutdown from the hard disk. Not only in earlier Windows, but also in Windows 8 option of Hibernation does not display in a usual form. Activating this option and making in

How to add Start button in Windows 8 Tips Step by Step

While working in Windows 8, we witness much more user-friendly options like Metro Screen & Charms Bar. Each and every utility tools are placed in both Metro Screen & Charms Bar. But missing of Start Button at bottom part of screen arise some doubt in users. Addressing this issue as how to add start button in Windows 8 could be

How To Delete Local User Account in windows 7

Making more than one user accounts in Windows 7 beefed up security concern of unauthorized users. Memorizing passwords of each made Local User Accounts is certainly tough task. Therefore, users have no more choice than to delete Local User Accounts. So, question raises here how to delete Local user Account when working in Windows
charms bar in windows 8

How to Disable Program from Startup in Windows 8

When you turn on Windows 8 multiple Startup programs they are displayed automatically in the notification panel (right side in the task bar). Functioning of these programs is the root cause of system slowness. Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes for the proper functioning of Operating System. Such situation is quite embarrassing.
How to Set windows 8 as Default in Dual Boot Computer

How to Set windows 8 as Default in Dual Boot Computer

Sometimes users want to install more than one operating, as latest and its previous version, in their hard disk. Such condition is known as Dual Booting, which gives freedom from crashing either of operating. In such circumstances, users want to set newly version to set as default operating. If a user wants to set

How to Add or Remove Programs in Startup in Windows 8

In Windows 8 Startup feature is used to run special programs automatically during desktop loading. An Advantage of Startup feature in windows 8 is that you can launch your favorite program without choosing it from either metro apps screen or desktop icons. How to Add or Remove Programs in Startup in Windows 8 is

Windows 8 Metro Control Panel Features Developer Preview

Windows 8, latest Operating Introduced by Microsoft, is available in  dual preview as Consumer & Developer. Much more developed function suppress all its earlier version.  Accessing to multiple options at the same place is one the key feature Windows 8 has. Apart of default programme users may configure programme as per their need. Configuring Control
windows 8 locked screen

How to Remove lock screen in Windows 8 Tips Stepwise

Windows 8 often displays default lock screen background on the Startup screen with indicating  time and current date. If you want  to change custom screen according to your choices you may do it simply, but lock screen does not get changed. Here I am going to discuss the issue of changing or unlock default

How to Disable Metro Start Screen in Windows 8 Tips

Windows 8 both versions (Developer or consumer) display new feature Metro Start Screen at startup. Act of accessing Apps as Maps, weather, Calendar, Camera and Many more could be easy with this feature. Enabling and Disabling of Metro Start Screen shows the difference between latest and earlier operating. Due tothe  metro start screen, users

How to Run Command Prompt as Administrator in Windows 8

Command Prompt is known as DOS. It is the integral feature in all windows operating devices. Command Prompt is an important tool in Windows which is used to configure window settings by entering commands. In Windows 8, you know that the Start button is not found in the taskbar. Thus it becomes difficult to open the […]