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Accessories tag holds the Windows 10, 8 tips, tutorials, and guides regarding all the accessories.

Alternative for Print screen Button on Windows 10

open file location on the right click of snipping tool Windows 10 puts forward certain appreciable inbuilt tools to capture shots of ongoing activities on the screen. Print screen button and compositions of Alt + Print Screen and Windows + Print Screen are the existing keyboard shortcuts which give the maximum outcome for minimum effort. In spite of these prevailing utilities, Mechanical disorders of the keyboard

How to Find Special Characters on Windows 10

Keystroke of the selected special character in Character Map During the phase of some important project, or on any other write-up situations, you may need some special characters for the text. The characters that you desire to use may not be present on your keyboard, but you can always find them online. However, it doesn’t seem to be a great idea as most

How to Receive and Send Fax on Windows 10

Send button to send the fax created A scanning and faxing program in Windows 10 allows you to Receive and Send faxes in a form of written text, or documents generated in various applications, or scanned images or notes. This program is stored little deep in the Start Menu and is labeled as Windows Fax and Scan. In this post, we

How to Find Accessories in Windows 10 in 2 Steps

 Few tools like sticky notes, Math Input Panel, etc are very important for some but now in Windows 10, accessing them is not that so easy. These tools are stored in a folder called Accessories. There are vast changes in the new operating system and hence, the folder of Accessories is also not easily

Windows 10 – How to Use Private Character Editor

Code Of Second Box in Second Row Have you ever thought of generating your own imaginative character on Windows 10?! In fact, till now I was also pretty indefinite about generating a character. Well, jokes apart; this article or post will guide you to generate a new character on Windows 10. Apart from designing your own character there are many other