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Accounts tag comprises all the tips and articles pertaining to User Accounts of this Operative System whether it can be reached via Control Panel or Settings area.

Tips for Force Sync App License in Windows 8

 To get full advantage of Windows 8 you have to go through change settings. One of these is to enable sync app licence, so that all apps you have chosen would be working for you whether you are working from anywhere on any PC with your Microsoft Account. For solution you have to force

How to Stop Windows 8 to Automatically Signing into Hotmail

sign in hotmail account Is it possible to access existing Hotmail account without knowing username or password? In practical way, it is almost impossible. While switching to Windows 8, you notice that anyone can easily access administrator Hotmail account without knowing password & username. Certainly such happenings are being unacceptable and needing to the right direction to fix it.

How To Reset Forgotten Account Password in Windows 8

windows 8 control panel button We have discussed already several tips on fresh security appearances in windows 8 such as – Picture password, PIN. It provides option to make powerful user account so that no one could access without the knowledge of correct password. Sudden if you forget your password of single administrator account, problem stands before you. But, solution

How to Upgrade Local Account to a Microsoft Account in Windows 8

windows 8 settings panel image Microsoft recently released Windows 8 edition recommends an option to upgrade local account into Microsoft account. A local account usually works as user account to access Windows Operating System. If any window 8 user account is signed with Microsoft owned account then it allows to access a lot of latest services (SkyDrive, Windows Store

How to Add Users and control User Accounts in Windows 8

windows 8 account option image As you know user account management controls your operating system. Not only it prevents from unauthorized access in your computer, but also keep its privacy. There are various advantages from multiple user accounts in Windows 8 such as online family protection, no chance of data loss through unauthorized persons from your personal account.

How to Login Windows 8 without Password Step by Step

windows 8 charms panel Windows 8 has many features as Metro Screen, User Interface (UI), Charms Bar apps store, etc. But people wants more and more facilities and features. So Windows 8 RTM has provided a trick by which you can log in your computer even without password. Here some steps are being written, following that you may

How To Activate Auto Logon in Windows 8

As you know well, a lot of feelings either panic or interesting has been felt by windows 8 users till now. At first you have to cross over from startup problem. In the context, you have to insert account name and password for further access. Although, it is used for security enhancement and prevent