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Accounts tag comprises all the tips and articles pertaining to User Accounts of this Operative System whether it can be reached via Control Panel or Settings area.

How to Disable Sync Settings in Windows 8

If we want to disable sync settings  in windows 8 then we have to follow the below given steps. How to Disable Sync Settings in Windows 8 At first, you should computer login through default administrator account. Open charm bar by pressing Windows + C shortcut and choose Apps search box in the top side.

How to Activate Family Safety in Windows 8 Tips, Stepwise

create account for children in windows 8 Microsoft has enabled a tool in Windows 8 for dealing the issue of Family safety. Once this feature is activated in your relative’s account you will be able to look after each and every activity of your ward during your absence. Family Safety features contains a weekly report of computer usage (details lists of

How to Sign In Windows live, Microsoft Account in Windows 8

windows 8 change pc settings button Windows 8 displays sign in option during startup. At the same time it asks you to enter Windows live, or Microsoft account email address to access windows 8 advantage. If you follow above method you can store windows 8 setting online and access PC sync tool easily for making changes in  settings of Personalize,

How to Set PIN Log on in Windows 8

How to Set PIN Log on in Windows 8 As you know secure log in depends on correct insertion of the password in existing accounts. Users have to keep many accounts as per their multiple usages. To open it requires their respective password. Surely it is a crucial task to remember all these password to secure log in. But newly introduced Windows 8

How to Use Picture Password in Windows 8

picture password on windows 8 login Microsoft has introduced a modern security feature “Picture Password” in windows 8 (Developer or Consumer) for accessing it under certain security cover. Although users are aware of multiple security features as slap capturing or scanning, Bio-metric, account password etc in general modes. But this security feature in windows 8 is meant for more secure