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3 Proven Ways to Activate Windows 10

Activate Windows 10 image 3 This article is meant for anyone who is trying to activate Windows 10. Whether you have paid to get a licensed version or using a free one, you need to validate it. Otherwise, A good lot of constant bugging can be there if you have your Windows 10 in a not-active state. You’ll not be […]

Best Windows 8 Activator with Download link

windows 8 activator logo Windows 8 has come as the next version of windows from the Microsoft Corporation. It has introduced a touch input interface that is called  Start screen. A major changing of windows 8 is missing the older Start menu. Now Microsoft recommends to use the start screen instead of Start menu. Microsoft has made the

How to Activate ReFS File System on Windows 8

 Term ReFS stands for Resilient File System. It is more reliable and integrated file format that avails in Windows Server 2012. The observance shows that ReFS file is better than NTFS file for the server positioning. Having pure nobility in ReFS, it has missed Windows 8 stage. If you are keen to use more

How to Activate and Upgrade Windows 8

windows 8 activate After successful installation of windows 8, we need to activate it instantly. Otherwise we can’t upgrade windows 8 further to get new windows features. Actually windows activation is performed through entering correct genuine license key (25 digits). Activation is the procedure of making sure that current window

How to Activate Windows 8 online Step by Step

Activate Windows 8 Preview version  Is windows 8 preview version not installed in your computer, but activation related warning message is displaying regularly in your desktop screen due to wrong activation issues. We must insert genuine 25 digit product key during installation. If you are not getting success in activating it with activation key