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Antivirus showcases the articles regarding tips, tutorial guides, on the 3rd party freeware and software Anti-viruses for Windows.

How to Remove a Mac Flashback Trojan from computer

 It was a bad news for many Mac users. Number of infected users had already crossed seventy thousand mark, which means that about 1 in every 100 Macs were infected with Trojans. This article solely speaks about this issue and how to face it. Let’s look at its history. It took the advantage of

6 best Tips to Prevent Computer Hacking

computer hacking In latest technological era, business organization personals often scare from upcoming security threats and chances of hacking computers. As soon as a computer is hacked in the professional and business environment users can lose huge amount of money and valuable private details. To secure systems against hacking is a serious task in tech world.

How to Check DNS Changer malware and remove it

 This is an age old story dating back to 2007 when DNS Changer malware was first started which went viral on the Internet infecting computer systems, guessing personal data such as passwords and making changes which were not authorized. The company called Rove Digital was also started by the creators which had arranged the DNS […]

JAVA threats to computer system, How to uninstall it

java code image A new news which is nowadays being spread in the tech world is that Java software in the browsers, created by Oracle corp, which is a free software and gets installed widely makes the computer system viable to the virus attacks and most importantly hacker and the chances to defend against them becomes nil.

How to keep Computer free from viruses and internally clean

clean computer image Everyone knows how to clean the dust of the computer that is cleaning the computer externally, but have you ever thought of keeping the computer internally clean. Keeping the computer internally clean means keeping it free of viruses, keeping only the installed programs and keeping only the files that are required, thus avoiding

5 Best Free Antivirus Software with Download link For Windows 10

5 Best Free Antivirus Software with Download link For Windows 10 image 1 5 Best Free Antivirus Software with Download link For Windows 10 – To defend Windows 10 computer or laptops from viruses and Malware infection is quite compulsory. Once viruses infect systems it can misplace your entire financial details, lose personal and reticent folders, valuable backups like Personal photos, Songs or Videos and a lot more.

Download LastPass App From Windows 8 Apps Store

windows 8 LastPass app image LastPass is recognized password manager utility software. It is available for Windows operating system, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS with mobile devices. LastPass has been also presented in form of internet browser extension. Last Pass presents numerous modes of services to save entire your log on history firmly which helps you to access your accounts

Identity Theft – How it is done and How to prevent

 IDENTITY THEFT- A PREVIEW – Identity Theft is the most common problem of every computer user nowadays. The situations which are the consequences of the identity thefts are even worse than they can be imagined to be. It can lead to loss of the personal data with even the loss of respect if this theft […]

How to Hack Remote Computer by Ardamax Keylogger

If you have decided to Hack Remote Computer by Ardamax Keylogger, the best effective tool.  Actually, Keylogger is a special application which is used to run on the remote computer for hacking it. Remote user does not get understand deeply about it. Keylogger provides us whole computer activities of the remote computer through the special […]