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Best Android Apps For Students, Download Free

android app for student Today students are getting a lot of knowledge and fun with their Android devices (Mobile, Tablet, Smartphone). In fact, at present Android is used not only with entertainment and use intention, but it has also extra productivity in regard to knowledge and study. Android app store (Google play) has presented numerous helpful apps which are especially for student. Therefore, I […]

How to Factory Reset Android Phone and Get Back up

Suppose our android device is not performing well, and we like to take action for Factory reset. If our Android device is installed with ICS (Android 4.0), Jelly Bean  (4.1 version) then restoring factory setting can be done quickly to eradicate general problem or troubleshooting. In another mode, If we are intending to sell our android mobile, […]

Get Transport Information by Android Device with Google Map

android google maps Google Maps new version has prepared plans for distributing public transport information in about 500 cities in the world. Such cities are New york, Sydney, London and more in India. At this time Google Maps additional outstandingly plans has come for DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation), MTRS Chennai, Bangalore MTC and Kolkata metro. All these plans are […]

11 Best Android Apps 2018

a downloader app Android supported mobile or tablet is mostly found among us nowadays. There are many advantages of Android devices. With this device we get updated weather forecast, current news, play latest videos, watch live cricket and many more. Therefore, Android is playing a useful part in our life. Apps help Android Device in making many features and […]

Best Android Apps Download Free – How to Get

Beluga App for Android Phones After purchasing Android device or mobile, the first question before you is about Apps. In other words, you can say that without apps you cannot use an Android properly and perfectly. You have to find and install important apps on Android. Although numerous Android apps are available in the market but which is important and […]