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Battery tag has the tips tutorial, guide for Windows 10 and 8 related to power consumption.

Relax After Scheduling Automatic Sleep, Shutdown in Windows 10

time dropdowns for screen and sleep Scheduling your PC provides you an extent of relaxation and hence we are writing the prefix Relax before the title Schedule Automatic Sleep, Shutdown in Windows 10. Scheduling Automatic Sleep and Shutdown means when you finish your work and go for relaxation and make nothing from your PC, it will Shutdown and Sleep after

Windows 10 – How to Boost Laptop Battery Life

Windows 10 - How to Boost Laptop Battery Life Boost Laptop Battery Life on Windows 10 – Have you optimized your Laptop to save battery. If your answer is no, we are presenting a comprehensive guide here. When you follow few tweaks and cares which are written underneath you will certainly find a substantial boost in battery life of your Laptop. Windows 10 laptops

Windows 10 – How to Turn On or Off Energy Saver Mode

To Turn Off and On Energy Saver mode on Windows 10 determines the battery level at which battery saver starts working. Read how to set the level and enable the mode on your Laptop. Just like the previous versions of Windows, the latest Windows 10 also launched interesting power features for its users.Here Energy

Restore Battery Icon Lost from Windows 8/8.1 Taskbar

Restore Battery Icon Lost from Windows 8/8.1 Taskbar Have you found no battery icon on your Windows 8 or 8.1 Taskbar?  Is Battery icon lost from Taskbar of your Laptop? If yes then you need to either change Notification Settings or uninstall and install Driver for Battery to restore the icon. If these tips don’t  work, Refreshing your Windows 8/8.1 will certainly restore battery icon lost from Windows 8/8.1 taskbar. […]

6 Best Screen Locking Software for Windows PC

legacy locker for windows Here is a list of 6 best screen locking software for Windows PC using which you can lock desktop screen of your PC to prevent your personal and private things from any unauthorized access. Using these screen lockers, you could simply prevent others from accessing your personal stuff. It is always found that people

How to Turn On and OFF Quiet Hours in Windows 8.1

windows 8.1 quiet hours Quiet Hours in Windows 8.1 helps to stop notifications and save battery power. It is a smartphone like function that lets you put your PC in the quiet state. Quiet Hours controls Background Tasks file transfer in Windows 8.1 PC. Often it happens that app and other notifications distract you from your work and annoys. In this […]