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Best Android Security Practices

Best Android Security Practices includes the applications details and tips, tutorial, and guide for protection of the OS.

How to use Delhi Traffic Police Android App on Phone

How to use Delhi Traffic Police Android App on Phone Delhi  Traffic Police Android App helps people in Delhi to Know Traffic situation on Different roads in Different Areas, Traffic Alerts, Distance between different places and fare of Auto Rickshaw, Taxi, as well as radio cab. This app helps you to Lodge complaints against these vehicle if you face harassment or  misbehave or overcharge from […]

5 Easy Tips to be Safe and Secure your Mobile on Internet

 Nowadays, the use of Internet via mobile is increasing at a remarkable rate everywhere. This is only because mobile is a portable device and can be brought everywhere without facing problems and frustration. Everyone knows to handle Mobile Internet in this modern time, but they might not be aware of its security and safety issues. […]

Know Who is on Doors, Open using Google Glass App OkDoor

Open Door using Google Glass App OkDoor Google Glass provides an app OkDoor you to open doors automatically from the same place where you are staying. This facility is special for those who face the arrival of people time and again and get frustrated to go to the door often to open it. OkDoor app has been developed by the Tech company Brivo Labs which allows […]

Google Recommended Best Security Tips for Android Phones

 Privacy and Security are of a great concern nowadays for various Android phones. Google has created certain sites like Good to know to make aware the users about various security issues and tips to be safe from the sensible internet. Now, one does have to be concerned about the security issues while downloading or playing various […]

10 Amazing Things about Smartphone You have not Heard

10 Amazing Things about Smartphone We use our smartphones generally for calling, messaging, surfing internet, downloading songs, photos, videos etc. These days smartphones have become a magical machines with a lot of exciting apps which could transform them into musical instruments or games consoles, business machines or cat video players.  However, did you know you could do a lot more uses with […]

Use Android Phone for Spying with Mobile Hidden Camera

Spycamera android Mobile Hidden Camera is the most powerful spy Camera ever. It is a professional app with more than 3M downloads and rating of 4.5 Stars out of 5. It is used for super safe stealth shooting as well as video Recording. The spy camera of this app is developed by sophisticated Unified Spy Engine which supports […]

Top 5 Security Tips to Protect Malware, Threats on Android Phones

android apps download third source Currently top-rate smartphone manufacturer hasn’t found solid security solution to protect from Android Malware. While several antivirus companies are offering to use up-to-date apps as Android security solution. But these antivirus apps are unable to avoid your Android Smartphone from Android Malware quickly. Similar to Windows, make note that antivirus app aren’t vital on Android […]