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Blue Screen of Death

This tag comprises the Windows 10, 8 fixing articles for the issues showing Blue screen.



Computer showing blue screen is nothing less than a disaster. KERNEL_PARTITION_ REFERENCE_VIOLATION is yet another blue screen error caused basically from the driver problems. BSOD or Stop errors are very many destructive issues and often cause severe fatality including immobilizing the complete system.  It’s been a critical drawback in Windows 10 operating system over the […]

Fix DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG Error Windows 10

Are you finding a blue screen on your computer all of a sudden and got astonished? When DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG occurs you might get yourself in a peculiar situation because even after using Windows 10 USB stick the system mightn’t boot. This BSOD mostly shows up when you attempt to install new patches of Windows […]


PREVIOUS_FATAL_ABNORMAL _RESET_ERROR is a fatal drawback in the computer also well known as blue screen error. Sometimes this BSOD may be critical system crash causing damage to the internal parts of the computer and responsible for losing great amount of necessary data. Often the effect might be less like flashing on the screen and freezing. […]
aksdf.sys Page Fault in NonPaged Area

Fix aksdf.sys Page Fault in NonPaged Area BSOD Error Windows 10

The latest Windows 10 2004 version is out for everyone but users are encountering several update issues. One of the occurred problems is aksdf.sys Page Fault in Non Paged Area BSOD error. This error appears on boot after the update and happens when certain driver’s misbehave. Microsoft is also aware of the problem and reports […]
Fix INVALID_CANCEL_OF_FILE_OPEN Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

Fix INVALID_CANCEL_OF_FILE_OPEN Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

System mostly generates INVALID_CANCEL_OF_FILE_OPEN when you attempt to install or re-install software moreover device driver. With bug check code 0x000000E8, this particular BSOD points out that an inaccurate file object has been established to IoCancelFileOpen which is obstructing the installing process. Generally, hardware or software failure gives rise to such drawback and after being generated […]

Fix INVALID_DRIVER_HANDLE Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

INVALID_DRIVER_HANDLE Blue Screen error in Windows 10 is a very complex type of critical drawback in the operating system. With causes responsible for occurring this problem is mostly unknown, the issue is often irrecoverable to some extent. This error forces the system to crash abnormally and OS cannot fix it automatically. Instead, for saving the […]

Fix BUGCODE_USB3_DRIVER Blue Screen Error / BSOD in Windows 10

Blue Screen Of Death or BSODs emerges in a computer after the Operating System detects a very complex drawback in Windows which is mostly irrecoverable. The system shuts down and restarts itself as to avoid the necessary data from permanent damage. Often the vulnerability resembles as Stop error or simply a system crash which the […]


Blue Screen error has brought tremendous trouble over the years in the Windows system. Usually, such setbacks are originated from outdated drivers or missing when some system components are found in corrupted state. BSOD error results in causing irregular flashing on display, freezing of desktop, and obviously rebooting unexpectedly quite often. INVALID_KERNEL_STACK_ADDRESS BSOD in Windows […]
Fix SECURE_KERNEL_ERROR Blue Screen Windows 10

Fix: SECURE_KERNEL_ERROR BSOD / Blue Screen Error Windows 10

System freezing for 5-30 seconds when occurs at Windows 10 device startup up leads to a blue screen. SECURE_KERNEL_ERROR is also of this kind that causes a sudden restart of PC. This particular BSOD is rare and mainly rises up all of a sudden due to hardware or software conflict. With Stop code 0x0000018B, the […]

Fix: PINBALL_FILE_SYSTEM Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

You might have encountered a system screen unexpectedly turning Blue and showing certain recommendations. This is the primary symptom of the fatal Blue screen of Death error which you can also say BSOD, in short. BSOD in Windows 10 occurs due to several reasons but PINBALL FILE SYSTEM appears because of the depletion of nonpaged […]