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Top 4 Virtual Keyboard Extension for Google Chrome

 Keyboard is the most essential part of a computer. Without it, proper handling of your work on a computer seems to be insufficient. You all know that, you can use a virtual keyboard as well when you are feeling not to use your keyboard but feeling to do all the works instead with mouse. This could be

OverTask – Efficient Task Manager for New Tabs in Chrome

OverTask chrome OverTask is an extension of Google Chrome web browser designed in a unique fashion to help users managing their browsing task in a new and uncluttered way. More than often you will find that if you are doing multiple tasks then you have to open several tabs which makes your task a little disorganized

Make Browser Chooser Default to Select your Browser to Open a Link

Browser Chooser Browser Chooser is a fantastic tool which acts as a default browser. It controls the opening of any link on your behalf by suggesting proper browser for that webpage. It basically presents before you a list of browsers whenever you are willing to open a website. This app is developed in VB.Net and geared

8 Hidden New Features of Google Chrome

create guest user in chrome Today’s Google Chrome is a top-rate and admired internet browser. According to sources, there are about 750 million users are using Google Chrome worldwide on a regular basis because it is faster than other internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, opera, and Safari. Under 5 years of the period, Chrome has become primary browser

Text Only Browser for Web Surfing and as Proxy Server

 A slow internet speed or a low data plan don’t allow us to surf the internet properly but with a text only browser we may manage to surf the web easily if it is text that we are after. Text browser is one such browser that inspired from Lynx and allows you web browsing

Useful Facebook Extensions for Google Chrome

Download facebook album Facebook offers several new admirable features regularly for its world-wide users. This is because Facebook wants to be one of the best social networking sites at this time. The important feature of Facebook is that if you don’t like any latest features then it is simple to restore with old feature that you

Bitdefender Safepay – Secure browser for Online Banking, Internet Shopping

bitdefender safepay browser Bitdefender has released a browser app for everyone that allows you to access safe and secure web browsing. It is currently available in beta version in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for windows. The name of the browser is Bitdefender Safepay and works in full-screen mode. This secure browser performs a vital role to

Manage and Fast Access Google Bookmarks using Firefox Toolbar

Firefox, Fess google bookmark extension People use to bookmark websites online. With the progress of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, they have the options of native bookmark syncing. For those who uses a lot of bookmarks using Google, it is very difficult to manage and have the access to all the Bookmarked site. For this, there should be a

How to deal when the access to extensions in Firefox 21 are lost

 The concept of using the plugins and the extensions goes by the fact that how frequently they are used. There can be two reasons when you can disable the use of a particular extension, especially when the plugin is not used at all or used very less and secondly when its use causes security

Australis launches in the Firefox UX versions

 Firefox has been working a lot on its improvement and the latest news from the forum is that a new theme Firefox Australis is going to be launched later in this year, if everything progresses as they have planned. This has been very good news for many and has basically split the firefox
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