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Cell tag is the collection of articles related to power saving on Android phone.

How to Boost Battery Life on Android by 50%

battery doctor logo Battery Doctor is an absolutely free Android/ iOS apps for smartphones. This app can Boost Battery Life on Android by 50% by finding and closing those apps which are sucking the power on your device very fast. This app supports 27 languages which is unique in itself. This app also provides you a detailed picture of where your […]

Some of the best apps to make life easier

 The number of apps in every platform is increasing every day. From Android to iOS to How to make a video Diary in iOS with the moving images Windows, there are many apps which are making our life much easier. This article is the compilation of some of the best apps to help you get […]

Best and Easy Galaxy S4 Speed Improvement Tips

S Voice app shortcut The Galaxy S4 is a new brand of Samsung Galaxy series. It has launched multipurpose features enabled smartphone packaged with 1.9 GHz quad-core processor and 5 inch HD screen. The prime feature of Galaxy S4 helps you to answer any call with a wave of your hand, grab photos using dual-mode camera together and run two apps on the […]

Disable useless apps on the Galaxy S4 TO Boost Performance

galaxy s4 disable bloatware apps You get many unnecessary apps by default while you purchase a pre-installed windows 8 or 7 laptop or desktop. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has also come with a small collection of useless apps and services from AT&T carrier. These useless  apps are called bloatware and found on the AT&T carrier supported Samsung Galaxy S4 devices. The […]

6 Best Tips to Boost your Galaxy S4 Battery Life

galaxy s4 notification bar The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched with a larger battery, screen and more resourceful processor. The S4 assures to go on a usual day at any cost with a bigger battery than its previous Galaxy phones. But, its slightly larger screen and different type of user-friendly features make it feature-rich smartphone. Similar to other smartphones, the […]

How to Check Battery Level in Android Phones

Presently the battery of Android phone or tablet has become the main subject in the market. Various manufacturer of Android devices like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG doesn’t offer batteries having long life. Usually it lapses in a single day. Although, a few latest Android phones of Samsung S3 or HTC One X are providing longer […]

Top 8 Tips to save Smartphone Battery

 8 Tips To save Your Smartphone Battery Currently every top-rated mobile brand companies such as Apple, HTC, Samsung and others have presented different feature supported Smartphones. Smartphone Provides miscellaneous choice of facilities and multi-functionalities to their users. And now Google’s Android is available everywhere. Smartphone permits users to access Internet, play games, watch live TV […]