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How to Read and Edit PDF document with SkyDrive and

read PDF in word Microsoft has introduced new handy updates “Office web apps service” for SkyDrive or Using this free update, user can simply view PDF documents. Besides, the new updates let you to convert PDF file into word documents on SkyDrive so that you can change something in your PDF document online. After finding a

How to use Apple iCloud service on a Windows PC

 The users who own an Apple devices like a Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and obviously they also have PC in their houses so they are quite accustomed with the use of the iCloud services. This is a free service which has built in all the iOs devices and Macs wherefore the user

Group Users may Choose Seafile as Private Cloud Storage

seafile In SEA, SEA stands for Self-expanding archive. Seafile is a fog up service that helps you to create and also share a personal cloud catalog of data files with close friends or office mates. The files which are obtained get synchronized for all users and can also be updated. If an individual person wants to make changes and […]

Zoolz Offers Cloud Data Back up With 100 GB Of Free Storage

Zoolz data selection Today numerous file syncing services are available over the web. Now a new file syncing service “Zoolz” offers different features in area of file storage and cloud data back up. It provides storage up to 100 GB and handy interface. The desktop based Zoolz app uses a process to back up data to your cloud drive regularly. […]

How to Attach Files of Cloud Storage Services in Gmail with Cloudy

To save files and data in online cloud storage services is extremely simple, but if we like to send a particular cloud-stored file to our friends using the email service then it would be a hard task. For a solution, Google has introduced a helpful extension named Cloudy for Google Chrome that helps Gmail users to upload files from various cloud […]

Use Copy Cloud Storage, File Sharing with 12 GB Space Free

Copy file sharing service These days, File sharing service is extremely popular over the internet. It is possible due to high-speed internet availability in the world. The most recognized file sharing services are Jumpshare and Dropbox. The file sharing services help users to share huge contents of files. Besides it, these services also offer to manage it remotely and back up important […]