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Alter PDF with Ease to Various Formats using Able2Extract

Alter PDF with Ease to Various Formats using Able2Extract As much as the new technologies have helped us in many ways in our professional and private lives, probably all of us share at least a few experiences when we wanted to kill our computers. We’ve become so accustomed to having tech tools finish a lot of our daily tasks, that it is now very […]

Generate Multiple Size Images using VarieDrop on Your Own Choice

Generate Multiple Size Images using VarieDrop on Your Own Choice If you have captured high-resolution images using with your digital or DSLR cameras and you want to generate Multiple Size images on your Own Choice without affecting picture quality you should evidently use the VarieDrop without hesitation. VarieDrop is a freeware app using which you can convert and resize images without losing quality. It

Eradicate Crapware by using The PC Decrapifier from Computer

Eradicate Crapware by using PC Decrapifier from Computer Crapware are software pre-installed with a new PC or other Software package. It consists Low quality utilities , games, toolbars, and other useless software. It is also known as bundleware, shovelware, bloatware but the alternate spelling is Crapware. These low quality and waste programs worth removing from your PC as quick as possible to improve

Provide Your Eyes Rest from PC with Pause4Relax

Provide Your Eyes Rest from PC with Pause4Relax If you are working on your PC or Laptop for a long time you might feel uncomfortable due to stretching your eyes. This will lead to damage your eyes and mentally disturb you. Sometimes, it also affects thinking power and sensitivity due to which you can not be able to distinguish between paper and

How to upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1 through App Store Step by Step

Everybody wants latest operating system on PC. At this time you know Windows 8.1 is the most fresh OS, but to get it you should possess Win8 on your PC. If you already take unto oneself Win8 then get ready to upgrade, since you can download and install it after following few easy and

Make Photos Cool, Amazing Using 10 Windows 8/10 Photo Editing Apps

aviary photo edit windows 8 apps Nowadays you can edit your photos yourselves. People who have PC with Windows 8/10 OS can edit photos very easily and effectively. For this, a large number of photo editing Apps are available in Windows Store. To make your photos cool and amazing you have to apply certain effects, frames, and collages using these apps.

6 Free Workout Timer App For Body Building for Windows

7 minute workout Windows 8 app Here is a list of 6 free workout timer apps which hill help you in body building. Each of these mentioned app is a right combination of different exercises. This is aimed to provide you classic exercises at your home. You won’t need to go anywhere to do all these exercises. All of these

Deskhop – Share Your PC Screen with Facebook Friends

deskho, facebook Deskhop is a very beautiful and interesting app of Facebook which allows you to take control of your friends screen or share your PC screen to your Facebook friends. This app is a free software available for both Windows as well as Mac. You can share windows PC to Mac and Vice-Versa using this amazing app. […]

6 Best Free Scientific Calculator Software for Students

Kalkules Scientific Calculator 6 Best Free Scientific Calculator Software for Students: Scientific Calculators is a very important Tool that can be used by students to solve tedious, complex and advanced mathematical calculations. If you have a normal scientific calculator, this article is not for you. This article is for those who wish to have an easy user

6 Best Screen Locking Software for Windows PC

legacy locker for windows Here is a list of 6 best screen locking software for Windows PC using which you can lock desktop screen of your PC to prevent your personal and private things from any unauthorized access. Using these screen lockers, you could simply prevent others from accessing your personal stuff. It is always found that people
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