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Facebook Tips

5 Top Hidden Facebook Tips and Tricks

sendible online service for facebook Facebook access has become an essential part of our daily routine. But it is not easy to identify for the Facebook user how to take benefit from this social network. Facebook is always upgrading and offering different features with the purpose to remain it as most used social network at international level. In recent times, many new […]

Restrict Friends from viewing your Facebook Profile updates

facebook privacy settings If you don’t want to show your profile updates to all friends but you do not wish to unfriend them, you can add them in restricted list. In this situation the restricted friends can view only the substance that you make public. This type of feature lets you to keep a good relationship on the […]

The rise of Facebook in the social world

The rise of Facebook in the social world There are only seven apps mostly being used by the people and Facebook accounts for 751 million users. It has become a star with its phenomenal success in the Silicon Valley. It has crossed the 1.1 billion mark and which means that every sixth person in this world has a Facebook account and it is […]

How to Recover Facebook Password and Account With Trusted Contacts

Facebook Security Settings option Identity should always be genuine over the web. The real identity protects fake user to unofficially access significant information, and commit wrong using another name. At the present time, identity theft is used to hack your social media accounts and put your online status at danger condition. To make Facebook account more secure in the forthcoming days, […]

How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles, Photos With FB Checker

FB checker According to a fresh report by Facebook, more than 85 million fake profiles are running now. Some of them fake profiles have been created for a disturbing purpose. People also create false profiles for fun and advertisement. Often fake profiles waste your valuable times. In this condition, you need to identify fake profiles running