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Install leaked Facebook Home APK on Android Device

Facebook Home is definitely a cool application for Android version Smartphones. According to sources, it will be launched on 12 April 2013 officially and bring special features to Google lovers. Apart from any other social applications for Android, Facebook Home targets to overtake the Android home screen with abundant of relative cover notifications. After adding […]

Check All Facebook Activity Report on Wolfram Alpha

facebook report with wolfarm Wolfram Alpha is known as the world’s first knowledge based search engine. It covers an immense range of areas like mathematics, education, computer, etc. The main target of Wolfram Alpha is to give answers of questions asked, solutions of technical issues and complicated methods. It also creates analysis/activity reports of across thousands of domains and social sites. Wolfram […]

Use Aviary Photo Editor For Facebook Tools and Filters in Chrome

Fly Photo Editor extension Aviary is a great photo editing app for Android and iPhone. Now Aviary has joined Google chrome and offered an extension with advance photo editing tools for Facebook. The name of the chrome extension is Fly Photo Editor for Facebook. The extension facilitates you to edit Facebook profile Photo in theater view. You can add filters, […]

How to Turn off or on Facebook Chat for selected friends

facebook chat settings Sometimes Facebook’s chat service can be more puzzle than helpful. The facility of facebook’s real-time chat service can create a huge confusion for you if you spend more time with friends. In place of allowing a friend to start real-time chat with you at their urge, you have a better option to turn on chat only […]

How to use Facebook Graph Search for Website – Key Tips

 The Facebook Graph search was the most striking feature introduced at the beginning of this year. It allows integrating the information better to view a website. Facebook Graph search is proved helpful to everyone, ranging from individual websites to big enterprises having their profiles on Facebook. This feature has allowed Facebook to show information much more relevant for […]

Top 5 Tips to get noticed on Social Sites

 Everyone wants to get noticed in crowd and why not in social networking sites where everyone is eager to show the world who they are. There are lots of social networking sites such as FriendFeed, Identica, Plurk, Twitter, Facebook to name a few. But, the problem where a person faces is he becomes a follower […]

Facebook for iOS Updated With Voice, Video Messaging features

At the beginning of 2013, Facebook Messenger feature is revealed for Android and iOS which lets to start voice messaging service. The official Facebook app of Android has started the same service a few days ago. Now it is present on updated Facebook 5.4 version app for iPhone device. It provides an option to add audio recordings […]

FaceWash: An application to clean Facebook Profile

 An application known to ‘FaceWash’ has come out with claim to remove inferior contents from Facebook profile. If your Facebook profile has more and less unfair things that not suited your style of thinking; wanting to remove all these things automatically then ‘FaceWash’ application should be nice option. Now, I am about to explore key […]