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How to upload Photos in Facebook through URL

url image Facebook, the largest social  networking site, has millions of regular world wide users.  It’s users are often seen to update their status, sharing thought as well information, indulging into gossips and many more mutual conversation. Besides of these creativity, Facebook offers to upload images and Videos. Keeping all these uploaded image intact needs a photo album the […]

How to Create a Password Protected Facebook Chat History Backup

mozilla firefox add ons Facebook is well known Social Networking Site. Millions of people use this site to share their feeling and opinion. Whenever the question of private matter, every one keeps away from. In this situation we find password first. We protect our profile, chat, friend, etc with password. Even we may take back up of Facebook chat […]

Is linking to Social Networking Sites productive?

social bookmarking sites logo Have you ever imagine, what mechanism Google apply during pushing search result page in front of net user? Answer is crystal clear that much more related keyword, which web page has, got better ranking subsequently pushed above in search ranking. On this explanation, most of newcomers think that they have lost opportunity to get higher search ranking because […]

How to share MS Word 2013 files to Facebook

ms word 2013 file menu How to share MS Word 2013 files to Facebook – One of these features is in MS Word and MS PowerPoint 2013 that you can save YouTube videos. Another excellent feature of office 2013 is that it allows you to share office 2013 files with Social Media Sites (Facebook and LinkedIn). You can share following

How to Hack Facebook Account in Easy Steps

facebook hacking login Act of Hacking Facebook is something that a lot more looking for various regions; either for peeping other’s Personal details or stealing latest software or Information. As you know that without prior consent no one has a legal right to peep One’s personal details. These acts as peeping or stealing come under the mischievous category. But when […]

How to block Facebook

 Curiosity about blocking existing websites comes in human mind from yesteryear. Reasons behind blocking are quite simple; as most of them are using subsided contents and stay with single faced conclusions. But, when a question is raised in front of you to block Facebook from immediate effect how can you react? Obviously, you don’t feel well. Because most […]

How to Post Facebook Images or Videos Directly

The word Facebook has become synonymous with the expression of thoughts. Like-minded people come on a common background to express themselves and get know the opinion of other people. This activity of posting has got much easier. While surfing the Internet, we come across many videos or images which we feel our friends should also […]

How to be safe on Social Networking Websites, Avoid Hacking

 Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have brought people together and have helped people share their emotions with everyone. ‘Happiness is doubled when shared and sorrows are halved when shared’, these websites have taken this quote to a new level. But some fraudsters like hackers, identity thieves, spammers, virus writers, have started to […]

How To Download Facebook Posts, Photos, Videos to PC

As you know upload favorite image, video, comment etc in your personal Facebook Account is shared online. you enjoy fun , share and exchange interesting ideas about your feeling on Facebook regularly. Although you want to download or save already upload file in your computer from Facebook . Therefore Facebook has launched new feature “download your Information”  for saving your earlier upload […]

How To Deactivate and Delete Facebook Account ?

Facebook login page Facebook is a popular social networking website and about 800 million online users use it nowadays. It spreads enjoy and fun with connected users. Facebook facilitates various features to their online users for example – advertisement, online text messaging, video chat, sharing favorite videos and personal images, idea, opinion about current affairs etc. But sometimes you […]