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Disable Geolocation in Chrome, IE, FireFox, Opera to prevent track location

chrome settings option image Geolocation is a pretty new characteristic which has been added in latest Internet browsers. It allows websites to find your physical location seemingly while you surf on the Internet. Although you don’t want to reveal your physical location due to privacy alert. When Geolocation feature is enabled in your browsers, your computer IP

How to change Color Scheme of Firefox Webpages with Clorific 3.0

colorific addon image Here, many articles related to useful Firefox add-ons and extensions are already written as Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla, How to use Keyword Shortcut to Search Website in Chrome, Firefox and many more. Now we will discuss in regard to color scheme. Suppose you are die-hard follower of any website. Everything of

How to clear Cache in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

What is Cache? Before knowing act about clearing Cache of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, it is essential to know that what is browser Cache and why do we clear it? As you know web browsers are made to, make connection with desired website server, download internet files and display them to

How to Run Java Script in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

 Java Script is object oriented programming language. It is basically used as client side scripting language. It adds dynamic functionality whenever embedded in HTML page. As per easy to use nature more and more people use Java Script to send their queries. Most commonly asked queries are how to Hack Facebook / Gmail / Yahoo Accounts.

Which is the best Browser – Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer

The real experience of the Internet comes from its speed. Obviously a person on a video call would want a live smooth streaming of the video rather than in the form of images like slide show. It is all about buffering and the speed. The existing Windows web browsers are coming up with new

Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla

firefox mozilla logo A software unable to run independently but when integrated with another software usually makes the experience of that software better. These are add-ons, and one of the best categories of add-ons are the dictionary add-ons as these do not require installation. The advantages of using online dictionaries are they do not require installation, but

How to use Keyword Shortcut to Search Website in Chrome, Firefox

create keyword shortcut Multiple settings are configured inside Internet browser to make search operations in a better way. For example – We can make shortcuts to access websites instantly. Search box may be used to find particular words via websites. How to link keywords with search engines to pin search options. In second way, a special tips has
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