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Samsung Galaxy Music Duos (GT-S6012) Price and Features

 Samsung is known for producing world-class gadgets & accessories. Recently, it has launched Galaxy Music Duos in India for garnering support of music lover. The Galaxy Music Duos is designed especially for those having more affection to all sorts music. If you have similar passion for Music then it would be nice gadget to have. […]

Some expected Products of 2012 Which did not see Arrival

 The year 2012 was a year of great gadgets which rocked the cyber world. Technology has gone a step further in making our life easier. But as you know happiness always brings some disappointment. The year we expected some of the products which should have arrived, but never came. As we are nearing the Christmas, […]

HTC Butterfly Price and Features

htc butterfly Last few decades have brought a revolution in the means of communication. There came many modes to communicate and each time the prior was replaced by something new and better, finally ending up with generations of Smartphones. There are many brands for Smartphones that are developing in this areas since decades, among them a Taiwanese […]

HP unveils EliteBook Revolve, Review

elitebook revolve Hewlett-Packard (HP) unveils EliteBook Revolve after huge success of earlier EliteBook. The EliteBook 2740p was nice laptop to travel with while latest one is advanced stage of earlier product. The new product ‘EliteBook Revolve’ is optimized for Windows 8. Touch enabled display let users to share their works quite effectively. Its slick design suddenly attracts mental consciousness. […]

Commercial Version Of Aakash Tablets Launched For Everyone

With the advent of the ever-rising technology in communication and micro-computing, Smartphones and tablets are becoming the primary preference of all. In this modern world everyone wants to enjoy the technology irrespective of nationality and financial barriers and for this Datawind Inc. is a boon. It is the UK based electronic company producing high-end, good […]

Aakash 2 Tablets Price and Features as it is unveiled

aakash 2 tablet image Whether it is remarked that ‘Aakash 2’ is world’s cheapest Tablet; no one can deny it. It is not lame remarks because pricing and features both are attractive to grab. It was 11th November 2012, when Askash 2 was unveiled by president of India. Development process of ‘Aakash 2’ tablet took place after receiving mixed response to Android based Aakash tablet computers. […]

Google Introduced Acer Chromebook Features, Price

google acer chromebook Vision to provide better and simpler computer to everyone was carried out by Google innovation called ‘Chromebook’. It’s easy to use and economical to buy features posed positive impact on mental state of common PC user. In earlier article, I have discussed about arrival of Chromebook in public domain as well built-in features & Price and the particular article is all about […]

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 2 Review

samsung galaxy note 2 Samsung’s initial NOTE smartphone had introduced in the market a new range of cellular species, what is interestingly known as a PHABLET. PHABLET may not be as massive as a tablet, but it is, for sure, larger than a smartphone within its price range in the market. The NOTE II is a fantastic addition to […]

Apple iPhone 5 Prices in India for 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB Models

iphone 5 image Advent of Apple ‘iPhone 5’ was welcomed by global world with great applause. It was 12th September 2012, when ‘iPhone 5’ was launched in USA. Since initiation, craze of ‘iPhone 5’ is on higher side in Indian territory. Now people of Indian Territory may secure ‘iPhone 5’ device from either of two distribution partner of  Apple Inc. As far […]