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Gadget tag includes all the Windows, Android, and iOS Devices features and prices.

Microsoft re-introduces Windows Phone 8

Microsoft once again introduced Windows Phone 8 at an event in San Francisco on 29th October 2012. As you know Microsoft fully wraps up Windows Phone 8 in June 2012 for enhancements of technology. Right now, after modification in the technology of Windows Phone 8, it comes in public domain. Microsoft reveals new features including Kids Corner […]

New Apple iPad Mini Prices and Features

apple-mini-ipad Apple has introduced relatively smaller & well equipped ‘Mini iPad‘ into its world class product kitty. The new ‘Mini iPad’ is introduced to provide the best alternative to users possessing smaller Tablet devices. Certainly, Apple’s move would increase fair competition between smaller Table market and Apple Mini iPad and through competitive effort users could get chance to […]

HTC Desire X – Features and Price in India

htc-desire-x HTC has launched new HTC Desire X to meet user’s needs for a more budget model.  It was launched as an attempt for the legions of the ex-HTC Desire. The specs of the phone are remarkable with the best specs. It is powered by a dual- core 1GHz Snapdragon S4 processor. It has a super […]

The New Chromebook Price and Feature

chromebook A few years ago, Google initiated to build a better computer. Better computer in such ways as Faster in data processing; Simpler in operating and more secure to invaders. To be on plan of Better Computer, Google introduces Chromebook. The Chromebook is new brand primary computer. Many people use Chromebook as additional computer. There is no need to worry about […]

Apple iPhone 5 Price and Features Review

iphone 5 image APPLE iPhone 5-REVIEW The Apple family or rather the iPhone family has yet another member added to it. Following the success of iPhone 4s handsets which has sold over a 20 million units and has grabbed many awards at the Gadget shows, the new member is expected to be a blast. There are various hot […]

Nokia Lumia 820, 920 with Windows 8 introduced

nokia lumia 820 photo Windows 8, latest operating system developed by Microsoft, has made people frantic to grab it and use its uniqueness as soon as possible. Current market trend indicates that it would be most important phase for boosting business of Microsoft. Certainly, innovation of Microsoft does wonder. Everyone, either Individual or

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 with Windows 8, other Features

Top IT manufacturer company Lenovo has launched  preview of windows 8 loaded tablet. The product name is Thinkpad Tablet 2. This tablet has presented on Intel atom mobile processor and windows 8 professional version. Hardware Specification of Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 – CPU – Intel atom Processor mobile device supported. Operating System – Windows 8 […]

Nokia Asha 305 and 311 Features and price

Nokia is the largest mobile seller company in India. we can say that the history of mobile in India started with Nokia. it has launched a number of mobiles in various versions as per requirement of people. In continuation a new version Asha series comes to the market  of mobiles.Two new models ( Asha 311 and Asha 305) has been launched in august […]

Microsoft Launches Touchscreen Keyboard Tablet

Touch screen keyboard gives us multiple facilities Such as – easy to use, minimize errors and insert text in mobile handset instantly in suitable modes. So Microsoft has launched touch screen supported tablet with preloaded Windows 8 operating system recently. After a lot of efforts, Microsoft has decided also to launch virtual touchscreen keyboard for windows […]