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Dev Error 5523

Fix Warzone “Dev Error 5523” in Windows 10 [Solved!]

Windows 10 is a superb OS version but it is not free from errors. One common issue that gamers encounter is Warzone Dev Error 5523. The issue is quite irritating for game lovers as the Call of duty app crashes on starting or in the middle of the gameplay. Some users report that the Warzone […]
Netflix error code H7361

Fix Netflix error code H7361 in Windows 10

Several Windows 10 users encounter Netflix error code H7361 while trying to play videos on this streaming service. As per experts the issue majorly occurs due to the information that is stored on the browser which needs to be refreshed. Moreover, in some cases, the error also defines the audio setting that requires an update. […]
IW4X Fatal Error

Fix IW4X Fatal Error Windows 10

Windows 10 offers comprehensive support for modern games but sometimes game lovers experience abrupt error messages. One such issue that users encounter and are equally worried about is IW4X Fatal Error. This fatal bug does not let users launch IW4X and instead crashes the game. It displays an error message “Fatal error (0xC0000005) at 0x7572C2A8” […]
GTA Vice City Mouse not Working Windows 10

Fix GTA Vice City Mouse not Working Windows 10

GTA Vice City is one of the greatly popular adventure games from Rockstar games and this a part of Grand Theft Auto series. Unluckily many players encounter mouse not working issue during its gameplay on Windows 10. The problem is not actually new instead it was annoying in the older versions of Windows. Once you […]
origin error code 9:0 Windows 10

Fix origin error code 9:0 Windows 10 – Whoops the installer

This Origin issue is quite annoying for the players as they cannot update or install the game. The platform is known for simple interface and easy navigation in the gaming world. Still, you may encounter multiple issues including Origin error code 9:0 Whoops – the installer encountered an error. The Origin error code 9:0 is […]
GameBarPresenceWriter.exe Error Pop up

Fix GameBarPresenceWriter.exe Error Pop up in Windows 10

Windows 10 includes multiple processes running in background and controlling different tasks. But some of them create issues in the operating system as they cause high CPU usage and abnormal memory consumption, limit performance, and frequently throw error messages. One such problem is GameBarPresenceWriter.exe error pop up that crashes games, causes input lag, and even latency […]
Overwatch Keeps Minimizing

Fix: Overwatch Keeps Minimizing in Windows 10

Overwatch Keeps Minimizing while playing in Full-Screen mode is a bizarre nowadays and gamers are looking its way out badly. This multi-player shooting game has gained much popularity and most people enjoy teaming up. All of a sudden, minimizing while playing causes huge mess which is really unexpected. Though the prime reason is yet to […]
Game Bar Common Issues in Windows 10

Fix Game Bar Common Issues in Windows 10

Game Bar is a new feature of Windows 10 that allows users to control Xbox gameplay via multiple modern tools. You might have experienced a new level of experience and enjoyment using this app on your Win 10 PC. Unfortunately, in certain situations, the utility fails to work and users encounter various Game Bar common […]
Origin Error 0xc00007b Windows 10

Fix: Origin Error 0xc00007b Windows 10

The game lovers across the world are facing Origin Error 0xc00007b Windows 10 during gameplay. However, this Electronic Art’s clients frequently receive updates from the company but still encounter the issues. Specialists point out that the main culprit of the problem is the missing of important legacy files. Moreover, reasons like obsolete Windows version, unnecessary […]
How to solve UE4 MCC Fatal Error when using Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Windows 10.

Fix: UE4 MCC Fatal Error On Windows 10

Being a shooter video game fanatic, you would definitely have Halo: The Master Chief Collection either on Windows or on Xbox One. But users are frequently reporting about an issue UE4 MCC Fatal Error on Windows 10. This specific error in the Steam (the video game digital distribution service) occurs in several instances such as […]