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Play The Gunstringer The Dead Man Running on Windows 8

gunstinger The Gunstringer has its original development as the Xbox Kinect game designed by Twisted Pixels having tremendous success. With his huge reputation in the gaming world it has entered into the mobile world with an app based for Windows 8 with all its spectacular features and graphics. It is a game that develops itself

Top 10 Free Online Games Sites

free online games The Internet is performing a vital role to do every task simply and quickly. Many users spend long hours of the day over the internet presently. Facebook give users an option to connect with worldwide located friends and share delightful photos, views and comments. Now online game has also become more popular among teenagers or […]

How to get back the missing features in Windows 8

 The Windows 8 has seen a host of new features and changes and this also includes many removals which range from the most frequently used Start menu and DVD playback — to the useful but very less frequently used, like Windows Media Center. Other features, like the Windows Briefcase which people have completely stopped using

How to get 6 missing features in Windows 8

Start menu in Windows 8 There are several changes being done in Windows 8 as compared to its earlier version. Some of the features of this version are nice and if you are missing them here, you have come to the right place. Here, we will tell you how to get back those missing features. Some of these features

Best 5 Free Apps to Control Games on Windows with Android Phone

monect Using Android Phone, Your PC can be controlled with windows by making your android device act like Mouse, Keyboard or even joystick. You might be thinking why to do these. Well, it is exciting to control computer using Android Device  mostly for playing games. The best part is playing game using these amazing apps by converting your […]