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Fix: BFME 2 has Stopped Working in Windows 10

try recommended settings select troubleshooting option BFME 2 has Stopped Working in Windows 10 – Battle for Middle Earth 2 is an eminent game entertained by the players located all around the world. But the disappointing fact is abundant of users are struggling with its behavior on the most recent edition of this OS. A considerable number of individuals are telling

How to Bypass Parental Controls on XBOX One

content restriction privacy and online safety xbox one How to Bypass Parental Controls on XBOX One – Before you reset the Privacy level of contents you must ensure that your kids may not be affected. Today almost every application includes the tools to restrict children to access unworthy materials. But here we will address the users who like to remove parental control on

How to Enable 3D Support in Xbox One

Allow 3D option in Xbox console How to Enable 3D Support in Xbox One -The televisions with lots of potential features are out in the market and the users who own them wants to utilize them to their fullest. Today in this post we will be discussing one such quality of those TV that possess 3D service and when calibrated

How to Assign Shortcut Keys for Game DVR on Windows 10

Game DVR section under the Settings category of Xbox app Windows 10 grants some keyboard shortcuts so that the users can record the ongoing happenings and also empowers them to screen grab the precious winning moments of a game. But if a user finds it too tough to recall the mixture of keys to operate the functions of Game DVR, they are lucky enough

How to Enable and Disable Game DVR on Windows 10

Disable the Game DVR feature in Windows 10 slider The Xbox app in Windows 10 put forwarded a feature entitled as Game DVR which acknowledges the users to make a record of the moves of video games that are played on their machines. Continuing its facilities, it also qualifies the users to seize screenshots of the game clips. In this post, we will

How to Make Windows 10 PC Fast for Gaming

Desktop context menu NVIDIA Control Panel Being an avid gamer, you always want to improve your Windows 10 PC performance. Being a features laden OS Windows 10 Contains DX 12 which is substantially faster than its predecessors and presents an ideal environment for gaming. Few easy customization and carefulness can make your Windows 10 PC blaze faster to enhance your

How to Record Running Games in Windows 10 Using DVR

Game DVR is turned on by default Windows 10 effectuates to record running games. With the help of newly include tools DVR and Game Bar, you are able to screen-grab the happenings of the gameplay. A combination of Windows and G keys is sufficient to do all the work. Xbox App permits you to compare your scores and performance with your