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How to Stop Your Email From Being Sold

How to Stop Your Email From Being Sold Have you ever been thought to stop your email from being sold? Of course yes! After all, no one wants to disclose his personal data to anyone, especially hackers. Receiving spam is a common thing for mail users. You may wonder how the sender acquires your email address and other details to sends those spam […]

How to Fix Lost Sign Out Button in Gmail

Sign out button of Gmail How to Fix Lost Sign Out Button in Gmail – While working on a public computer, you always take the precautions for the safeguard of your data and practice to sign out of all the accounts that you have accessed before departing from the computer table. But sometimes when you attempt to exit from your […]

How to Get Emails Faster on Gmail in iOS Devices

Today Google has rolled out updates for Gmail App for iOS. After this update, Gmail will work faster on iOS Devices.  The Gmail app for iOS will support background app refresh. This background app refresh will help Gmail in running faster and you will not have to wait for your email loading. Actually, after Gmail […]

Tips to setup Gmail Meter app and know your Gmail activity

Gmail Meter install script If you are eager to know about the details of your Gmail activity then usage of Gmail Meter is pretty interesting and enjoyable. Gmail Meter is an unauthorized Google Apps script which produces brief helpful statistics about your Gmail account activity. Tips to Setup Gmail Meter app First Step To start work with this app, […]

What to do When Your Gmail Account is Full

Gmail settings It is not easy to fill up 10 GB of Gmail storage space for users with only text emails. According to Google, 10 GB free storage is sufficient for the average user, who receives mail on every day. We find that sometimes many Gmail users are unconscious about why their Gmail account is being filled up. Google […]

Tips to Enable and Disable new Tabbed Inbox in Gmail

Gmail, Tabbed inbox New tabbed inbox is a new feature of Gmail. This new feature makes an ease to categorize your different mails into some sections/tabs. It is one of the best improvements being done by Gmail recently. Using this new feature of Gmail, you feel it very nice and cozy to work with having multiple advanced options. […]