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Tips to Enable and Disable new Tabbed Inbox in Gmail

Gmail, Tabbed inbox New tabbed inbox is a new feature of Gmail. This new feature makes an ease to categorize your different mails into some sections/tabs. It is one of the best improvements being done by Gmail recently. Using this new feature of Gmail, you feel it very nice and cozy to work with having multiple advanced options. […]

How to Read Emails in Plain Text in Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird

gmail message read in text Maximum email clients let you read email in HTML format by default.  It is risky for your email account while you open the email attachments without virus scanning, because these attachments contain several dangerous items like virus, worms, and trojans or malware. The HTML code or scripts of HTML format are hidden in the email page. As […]

How to Attach Files of Cloud Storage Services in Gmail with Cloudy

To save files and data in online cloud storage services is extremely simple, but if we like to send a particular cloud-stored file to our friends using the email service then it would be a hard task. For a solution, Google has introduced a helpful extension named Cloudy for Google Chrome that helps Gmail users to upload files from various cloud […]

Bananatag to Track Your Gmail Messages and See When They Are Read

bananatag extension buttons A new extension is made available through Bananatag developer team that helps you to track Gmail messages. The extension tracks your Gmail inbox to know when those emails were read and when a link in the email was clicked. Bananatag extension is available for both Google Chrome and Firefox. It is compatible with Outlook, Gmail, and more email services. In […]

MailBird – A Desirable Desktop Email app for Windows

MailBird- A Desirable Desktop Email app for Windows When we discuss desktop based email apps, Outlook and Thunderbird are considered as admired apps till now. Outlook is popular between enterprise users and a home user does not get the advantage of all of its features. Now, we have selected a fine-looking and desirable new email app named MailBird for Windows version.

Mailbox app for iPhone to fix Gmail problems

Mailbox app for iphone A new application named ‘Mailbox’ has been released by Gmail to fix concurrent problems. The Mailbox app is developed to integrate with either Gmail account to inform about both read and unread messages, which has fallen into Inbox. Pushing this app ahead is an attempt to get existing inbox down to lowest level. The application proves its worth to provide […]

How to get Reminders about Starred mails in Gmail

 Gmail is probably the most used mail service in the world. One of the many features that attracts people to Gmail is it’s feature of starring important mails that you may not tend to immediately, but the star on the mail reminds you that these mails require replies. The only problem with such a feature […]