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How to Integrate SkyDrive with Gmail Step by Step

 You have witnessed a couple of changes in Gmail in recent times. As you find newly built Message Compose , Forward or Reply interface as well as integrated Google Drive features in Gmail. By and large, these inclusions are made to meet with users expectation. However, there are many people using Gmail prefer SkyDrive than

How to send a single e-mail to multiple Recipients

 E-mails have become an important part of everyone’s life. It was years back when sending a message took a span of two to three months and receiving it took another. Now it is the matter of seconds. Thanks to the electronic mail. Communications have never been so easy. There are various discussions on how to […]

How to show Unread Messages Counter on Gmail Tab

 It would be a long association with you and Google Mail app for emailing service. I am talking about Gmail, who offers clean and clutter free email service. It provides secure and ultra fast emailing service compared to nearest rival. Therefore, Gmail popularity is always on higher side. While connecting to Gmail, you notice the total […]

How to enable touch-to-zoom in Gmail app on your Android Phone

gmail app pinch to zoom mode enable Today, Android devices are bought and used in mass scale due to its extraordinary apps and multipurpose supporting features. On the other hand, Google has also stepped influentially to make Android with valuable numerous apps more popularize . But sometimes earlier Gmail app does not shows Inbox email fit to screen. So Android users have to use touch gestures […]

How to Share Large Files on Gmail Using Google Drive

gmail message compose window image In recent time significant changes have been made in Gmail interface. You witnessed new pop-up window for act like composing, replying or forwarding messages in Gmail interface. Users accept these changes and are looking for next one as well. In sequence of advancement Google Drive is integrated with Gmail compose window. Such integration empowers you to […]

Priority Inbox – Google Apps to enhance Gmail inbox

priority inbox With it’s mailing service Gmail, Google enhanced the already present mailing services, presenting new and interesting features. Ever since it’s entry into the mailing services, Gmail has always tried to innovate new features and enhance the existing ones to provide a better user experience. Keeping up with this tradition, Gmail has now introduced a

Google’s New ‘Compose and Reply’ Option in Gmail

gmail compose windows image Google is always been stick to update its popular products. The working culture of Google does match with never say no to innovation. Certainly such attitude gives high dividend. At present Google does little bit changes into Gmail Compose and Reply option. Hoping you are also emulating Gmail for sending or receiving important emails. If you are par with […]

How to get Emails Notification When Receiver Opens

track your gmail mails How to get Emails Notification When Receiver Opens – Amid the arrival of both social sites Facebook and Twitter, to transfer an email has become an old-fashioned method. But the most of the companies and organizations still depend on email exchange because it is an extremely trustworthy way of communication. But, while you forward an […]