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How to Access Skydrive with Gmail Account Step by Step

skydrive extension Great opportunity on the door Gmail users. Now they may use SkyDrive in Gmail. This arrangement is made by Microsoft and and available in Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.. Now the question is how to access SkyDrive with Gmail Account. The answer is in further instructions. Firstly you have to add Skydrive extension ( in your […]

How to make, manage, use Contact Groups in Gmail

gmail contacts group After accessing Internet our finger on mouse involuntarily moves towards mail service of Google i.e. Gmail. To be updated by sending and receiving messages is the use of Gmail. Gradually number of friends, colleagues, Circle grows and a group around you is ready to share with each other. Now you want to send updates by group. For […]

How to Delete Gmail Spam Message Automatically

How to Delete Gmail Spam Message Automatically image 1 The act of Messaging, a convenient way of sending or receiving information, has proved its worth since yesteryear. Effectiveness, as well as more Circulation in quick time, makes its more potent tool to the market player. There are frequently messaging us and try to explore our confidential information. Such unwanted messages are called Spam. Gmail gives protection from Spam […]

How setup Email Account in iPad / Configure

mail How to get started with Mail in an iPad – Email Account is a fundamental need of Internet user. A system seems trifles without an Email Account, Whether it is worth Rs. 1 Lac. After purchasing a System and accessing Internet, the very first thing you think is to set up an  Email Account. If […]

How To Configure Gmail Account in Outlook 2013

gmail setting panel Outlook 2013 application has come inside Microsoft 2013. Obviously we want to configure Gmail account in Outlook 2013. Actually, after configuring Gmail account with Outlook 2013 We may get many new utility tools. For example, we may read Gmail Account Inbox messages any time without Internet in Outlook application. Related Post: How to change default Language in […]

How to Use Gmail without Internet / Offline – Google Mail App

install offline gmail app It is the surprising moment for us when without Internet connections, Gmail account can be used. So Google has introduced Offline Google Mail app for their users. Gmail offline app has been created to check email offline. So at first, this app will routinely synchronize our email and got in line anytime. How to add Offline Google Mail […]

How to delete Gmail account permanently

other google account setting tab Gmail is the most preferred product of Google and provides best email services and solution among corporate, commercial, professional, and personal internet users Worldwide. As we know Google also presents a lot of internet services (Blogger, Alerts, Orkut, Docs, Google Talk, I Google, YouTube and more. But sometimes internet user feels trouble with their Gmail account due to personal […]

How to Add Email Accounts to Windows 8 Mail App

windows 8 start screen Mail app tile How to Add Email Accounts in Windows 8 Mail App – Windows 8 beta version offers a lot to its On-net or Off-net users. If you want to configure  Gmail account or Hotmail account in email client tool then follow given tips. There are two methods to configure Gmail account online in Windows 8 –

How to know IP address of Email sender in Gmail Account

 How to know IP address of Email sender in Gmail Account: Whenever you receive an email from unknown persons your curiosity awakens to know about such unknown figure. But the big question is that how it would be possible to know about unknown persons? As you know, each computer on Internet has its own address called IP Address. When […]