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Know Who is on Doors, Open using Google Glass App OkDoor

Open Door using Google Glass App OkDoor Google Glass provides an app OkDoor you to open doors automatically from the same place where you are staying. This facility is special for those who face the arrival of people time and again and get frustrated to go to the door often to open it. OkDoor app has been developed by the Tech company Brivo Labs which allows […]

Tips to Make Phone Calls using Google Glass

 Google glass is wearable device resembles glass. This is an astonishing glass because it avails all functions which could be used on PC or Cell phones. It can be used for making calls, video calls, taking pictures, videos, messaging and so on. Google glass just works as Bluetooth headset due to which one can receive […]

How to Set up Wink Feature in Google Glass

How to Set up Wink Feature in Google Glass Google Glass is an advanced technology device and has made simple glass so exclusive. It has bulk of interesting features like Bluetooth, WiFi, Gestures, Messaging, Calling, Video Calling and so on which fascinate the users. Although it is not a smartphone or computer but it has nearly all features which a mobile and PC have. […]

How To Set up Google Glass Video Calling

set up google glass video calling Google glass came with bunch of exclusive features. Video Calling is the important one in these. Video Calling facilitates you share life experience with anyone through air in all over world. It helps you to see that person who have activated video calling and connected with you at the same time means you will see them […]

How To Send and Receive Messages and Emails on Google Glass

google glass send email Google Glass has lots of features as Bluetooth, WiFi, Video Calling, Messaging is one of them. By using Messaging feature you could send and receive your messages and emails.  Google glass is very helpful for the users because it surpasses Phone and PC in sending emails and SMS. On PC or Phones, you have to type message to […]

How to Activate Google glass Gestures, Head Wake up

Activate Google glass Gestures Google Glass is an advanced technology gift of  modern time which is wearable as a simple glass. Its numerous functions attract users towards itself. Gestures is one of them. Glass experiences is unique as it allows you to operate its functions by shaking your head. You can use almost all functions by your head movement. […]

Google Glass Tips – How to Setup WiFi Connection

google glass wifi with android Google Glass is a wearable device of modern technology looks just same as a simple glass. But it has many great features like Voice search, turn by turn driving, walk which make it different from the simple glass. It is controlled by movements of our head or eyes. Google Glass is not a computer or cell […]