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Fix:’s Server DNS address could not be found's Server DNS address could not be found step 5 Step for Fix How to’s Server DNS address could not be found. – Does google searches show error page frequently while running Chrome browser on Windows 10? Many Windows 10 users are complaining that when they make a search in Google, it serves them no results. Instead, they see an error

How to Make Scroll Anchoring Enabled on Chrome

Scroll Anchoring Enabled Relaunch Now Tips to Make Scroll Anchoring Enabled on Chrome – While working on Google Chrome, you might confront with its peculiar behavior. When you access a page some part of the text loads very swiftly. But, while you continue to read the text, you scroll a little or more, a mess up occurs.

How to make Google search from Windows 10 Taskbar

Make Google Chrome as default web browser RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve PC performance You can now make Google search from Windows 10 taskbar. Earlier we have written an article to set a custom start page in Microsoft Edge In this custom page you can also set google as a homepage. But here comes an extension of chrome into action […]

Keep Photos and Videos Organized Using Google Photos

Google Photos, Android Google Photos is a tool as well as photo editing and viewing Android app. It is developed by Google Inc. This app is completely free for its users. This app helps one in keeping all his photos and videos in an organized way. This basically works as the Home for all the photos and videos […]

How to Cut Data Expense while Browsing Webpages in Chrome

information of data saved by the extension MUST TRY: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve computer performance   When you surf on the internet you use to open various web pages which consume a bulk of data on your PC or Smartphone and your data expense goes beyond the limit you estimate. But some apps and tools are available on the internet […]

Use Google Products on Google Red Windows 10, 8 App

google red first screen on windows 10, 8 Have you ever thought of something which provides you all the Google Products at one place? Well, Windows 10’s Google Red app is a social app which is all in one Google app. This app stores all the applications provided by Google. You can have a wonderful experience of all the Google apps in

How To get Update of ICC Cricket World Cup Matches Quickly and Easily

Here you find two tips using which you can get Update of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Matches Quickly and Easily in Google on PC and Android phones. ICC World Cup Cricket Tournament 2015 has charmed the cricket lovers and they have clinged to TV Sets all day long. But some users can’t watch live matches […]

Google Map Gallery – Publish, Share Map Online to Be Searched

Google map gallery Google has introduced Google Maps Gallery. Government Organizations, nonprofits as well as business can now publish their map contents for public usage. Google will serve your content to users according to relevance of terms searched. Thus it is the extension of the Google Maps Engine which was introduced last year. Now the maps published by […]

How to Benefit from Google Maps – Latest Tips

know upcoming event with google map Google Maps is always beneficial for the people all around the world because. Now the Google maps has improved its feature and become more interactive including providing more features to help you for deciding better and is named as new Google Maps. It will make its way to get on to every desktop around the world […]

25 Google Search Tips to Find Relevant Results

google search box Google Search provides a gigantic amount of results when you search for a word. It often happens that search result doesn’t fulfill your need. Google fetches the results in terms of the items you write in search box, but you might be lagging behind of what you should write to find the relevant result you […]
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