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Run Refresh Windows Tool to Clean Install Windows 10

give your pc a fresh start keep_personal files only install button Refresh Windows Tool – To install a neat copy of the operating system free from pre-installed applications and clutter, Windows 10 comes with this tool. As the time spends the functions of PC gets slow down resulting in the need to a clean OS installation. In the concern of Windows 10, users have been meeting

How to Fix 0xc0000017 Error During Installing Windows 10

Command to know the bad areas of memory 0xc0000017 error number hits the screen of some PCs in the course of installing the popular OS Windows 10. On multiple occasions, the Windows Update refuses to proceed and the note perceived on the screen figures out that it was a breakable internet connection that obstructed the download. A deeper inspection is needed apart

How to Boot Windows 10 along with Windows 7

How to Boot Windows 7 along with Windows 10 Here, in this article we are going to introduce you the concept of dual booting of windows 10 with windows 7. After reading this article, you could be able on how to do a dual boot your PC with windows 10 and windows 7. The most important thing while doing the dual boot is

How to create bootable Pen Drive / DVD of Windows 10, 8

Create bootable Pen Drive / DVD of Windows 10, 8 – As technology becomes more advanced so do common men are benefited. Microsoft, the innovator of the computing world, has come with more advanced Operating named as ‘Windows 10, 8. Everyone is chasing to grab Windows 10, 8. Not more users succeed in their act of downloading