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Messaging comprises the tips and articles related to customizations, configurations, and features regarding popular and useful apps to interact with each other.

9 Best Anonymous Chat Websites You might not Know

Chatroulette Chatting online has become a very essential thing these days when we are bored of our tasks, works, and overload. Often, people want to know about certain websites where they could spend a good time and feel better. Here in this article, we are listing some of the famous websites which would provide you a […]

Tips to set HD Facebook Video Recording on iPhone

 A great feature has been added to the recent official Facebook app for iOS. If you are a regular user of the official Facebook app for iOS Smartphone then you may set HD video recording in order to upload or share your favorite HD video on Facebook. Although this special feature doesn’t support default to […]

How to add Stickers to Facebook Chat For Free

sticker add in facebook A new interesting feature has been added inside the Facebook chat in recent days. It is called stickers. This feature gives the ability to send private messages with different stickers like attractive, Pre-designed or animated images from its website during chat. Although Facebook has already launched mobile messaging sticker services for Smartphone based official Facebook apps in April 2013. Though […]

How to do voice chat with Google Voice Desktop apps

 Google Voice has become a very favorite service for everyone for calling and sending SMS. It is also giving tough competition to the likes of Skype and others. The service is considered high class with a very good set of features but it is still available in US only. The service is yet to reach […]

All about messaging on a Windows 8 phone

 Smartphones today are known for the ease with which they perform the tasks. They can take up any difficult task and perform it in minutes owing to their fast processors and a bunch of other features. A feature which everyone wants to get away with is messaging. Sending SMS, MMS, emails and even the

How to Send free Voicemails from the iPhone

 Every mobile phone user is quite accustomed to the Voice calls and the SMS services. But, people are not much familiar with the Voice messages. SMS messages have voice versions which are the Voice Mails. It is a very effective method of sending the messages. When a person needs to send a message to another […]

Google Hangouts new Messaging App for Android, iOS and Chrome

Google Hangouts app Google has introduced few new updates for Android, Chrome, Google+, Maps and better apps in recent days. One of the fresh services namely Hangouts has been announced by Google. Now Google has detached Hangouts from Google+ and changed it into a separate instant messaging app for Smartphone. You can use Google’s new Hangouts IM app […]

Tips to Remotely Access Computer Google+ Hangout and Repair

google plus remote access app Video or voice chat service is very popular over the internet at this time. Video chat apps and it’s services allow you to send files or invite several people during the same chat session. Another popular feature of web is the capacity to remotely access the two computers in order to assist them and do something […]

10 Useful Free Messaging Apps for Smartphone

free sms messaging apps for smartphone The smartphone helps you to complete business and entertainment related tasks using the text messaging method. The text messaging is one of the most used methods for communicating with all over the world. But, the disadvantage of this dependence is high cost of your monthly smartphone internet bill. Then you need to find different cheaper methods of text messaging. […]