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Messaging comprises the tips and articles related to customizations, configurations, and features regarding popular and useful apps to interact with each other.

Top 6 Messaging Apps for Android with Download link

whatsapp download You all know that android is the most famous operating system and mostly used by youngsters. Android occupies 75% of the smartphone market. Earlier calls were the only route to contact with people but now these days everything is changed along with technology. After the internet is offered on mobile devices, numerous companies presented certain new messaging […]

Tips to Record Skype Video Calls

Skype is a leading tool that provides an opportunity to users to make video calls or VOIP calls almost on every platform like windows Phone, Smartphone and iPhone. But, it had not offered a chance to Record Skype Video Calls or audio automatically. Now a solution has come up because Skype has introduced free

imo Messenger App For iPad – Make Unlimited free VoIP Calls

imo app for iPad Nowadays IM service supported app like Whatsapp, and 2go have become popular broadly among smartphone and iPad users. I have chosen a new Instant Messaging app named imo that provides a simple interface, fast media sharing facility and broad support. imo is a free of cost IM app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Nokia and the web. It is […]

Download 2go free and chat on mobile phones

2go mobile im service 2go is a popular mobile messenger app, and it is free of cost for every mobile version. Currently, millions phone users is connected with 2go services where they can edit profile, search new friends, chat with friends, share pictures or videos. 2go is significant chat service which consumes a small amount of internet data from […]

WhatsApp Free Download for Windows Phone 8 / WP8, Updated Facebook

whatsapp for wp8 When to avail ‘WhatsApp’ messaging application for their Windows Phone 8 devices was commonly sought questions. Long pending demand to get WhatsApp for their Windows Phone 8 has become evident once announcement made in this regard. However ‘WhatsApp’ popular messaging application has been made available in Windows 8 interface earlier and advent of particular

Download Facebook Messenger for Firefox 17

 As you know Mozilla Firefox is globally acclaimed web browser. It has handful built-in applications to provide nice web browsing experience to users. The thing missing since a long time was Facebook Messaging service for Mozilla Firefox users. The long awaited demand has been executed after induction of Facebook Messenger for Firefox. Now you may switch to […]

How To Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones

skype How To Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones – This century has seen a number of innovations in communication. We moved from passing letters to video conferencing. An era of communication has arisen i.e. through Internet, and it is illustrated by Skype. Skype is a Microsoft owned, application software that allows us to talk […]

How to download Skype app on Android and do Voice and video chat

skype app for android Skype is known as standard and outstanding app and provides facility to make online voice chat with video call. In desktop environment, it is used widely. Now Skype app is available for Android devices also. Skype app helps for making free or low-priced online phone calls (domestic or international) all over the world from the Skype account. Although this app […]

Chat, Video chat on Facebook Chat without opening

chit chat IM for facebook Facebook Chat allows you to quickly begin online text messaging and video exchange from your Facebook account with connected friends. But problem is that you have to often sign in website with the purpose of starting Facebook chat. Although numerous desktop Instant Messenger (IM) tool are available to start Facebook chat (text messaging) or video chat on many places without […]

Facebook Chat App for Android and Java Mobile with Download Link

facebook messenger app image Many discussions are being made on Facebook, Facebook apps. I have also written some posts on it as 11 Best Android Apps 2012, Best Android Apps download free – How to get, etc. But, today I am going to touch such an app that makes Facebook at your door. Understand…… . It is none other than Facebook Messenger app for […]