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How to manage Privacy Options in Microsoft Office 2013

office 2013 privacy management image 1 Microsoft makes a spectacular presence with such applications which meet with users needs. Recently, It has come with cloud storage service integrated into Microsoft Office 2013. That means Office 2013 documents would be available to users wherever they need it. In Office 2013, default settings contains users privacy function. Working with other interfaces we

How to switch Theme in Office 2013 Step by Step

office 2013 account tab image Office 2013 has come out with plenty of built-in applications. Utmost craze of Office 2013 prompts users to switch for this one. On or after switching to Office 2013 some sorts of discontent floated from certain quarter. People complaints mostly relate to color management of existing Themes in Office 2013. To address your concern

How to add Image Watermark or Custom Text to Word 2013

word 2013 watermark gallery image Microsoft presented latest word processing application (Word 2013) and it is available to download now. Some important features of word 2013 are invisible for you until you examine it deeply. It’s because, first impression of Word 2013 does not show it alternate than previous Word 2010 version. User interface button and layout inside the

How to Add and Use Multiple Accounts or Profiles in Office 2013

ms office 2013 logo In Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 version, there are no options to add multiple user accounts. In Office 2013, you can create and keep multiple accounts to gain more advantages with different settings. Office 2013 offers options to integrate with SkyDrive and social sites sharing. We have already written about New in MS Office

Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2013 Price and Features

 Now Microsoft has revealed the details and pricing of forthcoming edition of Office 2013. Before purchasing Office 2013 full package product, Microsoft has provided facility to sign up at first. Then User can be able to download new Office 365 edition which presents a lot of new guarantees. Office 2013 license edition has been presented for only […]

How to Present Word 2013 Document Online Step by Step

word 2013 file menu There are many new features added many new in Microsoft office 2013. In this one is you can share it online. Now you can share a Word 2013 document online to others. In previous days you use Power point 2012 for this. But now Microsoft has added this feature newly. Now you can share,

How to Activate and use Read Mode feature in Word 13

word 2013 read mode icon How to Activate and use Read Mode feature in Word 13 – Microsoft Office 13 is Compatible to Windows 8 metro screen at every step. A new feature Read Mode is added to Word 13. This facility confirms the compatibility of Office 13 to Windows 8. After activating Read More in Office 13, Every document

How To Enable Touch Screen Feature in Office 2013

word 2013 touch button How To Enable Touch Screen Feature in Office 2013 – Now, it is the time of touch input devices (Tablet PC). So Microsoft has added touch screen feature in MS Office 2013 edition. When you are running MS word 2013 with Tablet PC, you can enable touch input feature. I am going to present related