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Online Services includes the Articles regarding the the websites or web pages provide specific tools.

How to Search, Share and Manage Formulas with

Formulasheet is a web application which helps us in searching, sharing, and managing different formulas online. It is very useful for students, Professors or for those who are preparing for competing exams. This is very easy and exciting application. If you are able to create a new formula from all the formulas present to you, […]

Some Energy Tips to remember before buying and using the electronics

 We cannot think our life without the electricity. It accounts for a large part of our life. It is estimated that the computers, printers and the Wi-Fi routers together account for about 25% of the electricity bills. The electronic items are becoming more and more efficient in terms of energy consumption but there use is […]

Accessing your files in the MESH ONLINE STORAGE

 Do you know this that Windows Live mesh has been closed on Feb 13, 2013 and the remote desktop as well as the peer-peer syncing has been stopped working. It has been also announced that by 13th Aug, 2013 all the pending online files in the MESH would be deleted. I you have still have […]

How to Send Fax free through HelloFax Anywhere in the World

fax Fax is a very important form of communication in today’s world and serves a very useful purpose for businessmen  office workers etc. Though generally quite cheap fax sometimes turns out to be an expensive option or even an urgent one if the destination is international or you don’t  have a fax machine at hand. This article tells you […]

dragdis – an Easy way to Save Web Content using Drag and Drop

dragdis service dragdis is a web service that is used to save web content using drag and drop way. It is a fast way to share files on the internet. The dragdis service has been introduced in both modes like web interface and browser extensions. It facilitates you to save videos, images and text to your personal storage […]

Top 10 Online Video Editing Services

online video editing service The process of editing videos helps you to create videos beauty and remarkable. To do so, you need a great feature supported professional video editing software. But, all the computer based video editing software are paid and expensive. In addition, these software need a solid knowledge of video editing technique and powerful computer. Here comes, online […]

Screenbird – Best online Screen Recorder with Cloud Sharing Feature

screenbird control bar Screenbird is possibly one the best web app for everyone who wants a screen recorder. It is a screen casting tool that runs in browser and renders to record whole complex of screen. While comparing to other browser-based screen recording tools, Screenbird is not limited to record within the browser window only, but the

How to Set up BitTorrent Live to Broadcast your Video Streaming

bit torrent live beta A new service from BitTorrent has come out a few days ago. It is known BitTorrent Live that facilitates you an opportunity to create your personal Internet TV Show and stream your videos live online. Though the service is now in beta, and in near future you will be capable to create your personal

Top Price Comparison sites In India

At this time in the fast life, nobody has time. Everyone is in a hurry, but everyone wants to save money. In this techno world everyone needs sophisticated gadget like computer, mobile phone, tablet, television, digital camera, book, movie, exercise item and more, means those things which you use in your daily life. People want to […]

Websites that help in Buying Generic Medicines at cheap rate

generic medicines at cheap rates list Our hectic lifestyles and the polluted atmosphere we live in are responsible for the growth of so many diseases around us. In such a scenario medicines form an important part of our monthly expenditure. Medicines prescribed by our doctors are generally very expensive, but if we know the salt composition of our medicine then we […]
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