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How to Exclude Folders From File History on Windows 10

exclude folder link on file history window Exclude Folders is an awesome feature in File History which lessens the load of the gigantic size of files and folders when you save its copies to either USB, DVD or Network location. When you start to create a file history on Windows 10 you might have found that the USB you have inserted

How to Come Out of Safe Mode in Windows 10

In the early times, troubleshooting your system was damn easy as entering into the safe mode was away from one hit. With your involvement in Windows 10, either through an Insider or upgrade, you might face certain issues that need your presence in the safe mode to resolve them. The operating system fared well

How to Create USB Recovery Drive in Windows 10 Step by Step

the recovery drive is ready message Windows 10 lets its users create a USB Recovery Drive that helps their system in troubleshooting and fixing the problems via retrieving the data herewith the drive. With the assistance of USB Recovery Drive, you can avoid the situations like System Restore, Refresh, and Reset in your Windows 10 computer. It was always advised

Windows 10 – How Use File History to Backup Data Step by Step

Windows 10 - How Use File History to Backup Data Step by Step File History is the programmed system in Windows 10 that goes on safeguarding your private or particular files which are saved in vital places of your computer. The files that are saved in Libraries, Desktop Folders, Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music and the OneDrive files that are obtainable in offline are provided with special and

3 Ways to Boot Windows 10 Into Safe mode

3 Ways to Boot windows 10 into Safe mode Windows 10 has some of the favorite features for its users. But the functioning of Safe Boot in Windows 10 still consists of the same scenario. Safe Mode is not visible easily and is kept hidden. It generally fixes the problems, if not all, but most of the problems that persist in the operating

Tips to make System Image Backup of Windows 8.1 and Restore

Users have found one of the big puzzle in windows 8.1 as missing of the system image backup feature. But this reality isn’t completely correct because you can still create system images with a PowerShell cmdlet command. It is good news for windows 8.1 administrator users and it lets them create and restore system 

Restore your Computer’s data easily by Reboot Restore Rx

select drive Reboot Restore Rx is a fine solution to restore computer’s data. It has been developed by Horizon Datasys team. This software helps you to restore the computer to a custom predefined stage while you reboot your computer. It reverts any changes made to the computer during the earlier session. In addition, this software facilitates